UK Dell Streak Gets Some Android 2.1 To Gnaw On


We know the Dell Streak is rumored to be getting  Froyo, but for now, Streak users will have to settle for Eclair. The UK  Streak, the one that operates on the O2 network, is in the process of receiving Android 2.1, we’re being told. Don’t worry, the Streak is probably still getting 2.2, but for now, at least you won’t be stuck on 1.6 anymore. No official word on Froyo, but we’ll keep you updated.

Any O2 users gotten 2.1 yet?

Source TechTree


  1. Yup, now running 2.1 and must say that past a bit of restyling of the gui, ive noted no real change
    Battery life feels to have suffered marginally but this may be from other factors than the os itself
    Streak under 2.1 still continues to take iphone by the hand and show it how smarrrtphones should be.

  2. Its a generally horrible ROM. ITs laggy, the icon spacing is stupid and many people have had bricked devices. The earlier beta 2.1 ROMS (especially build 6491) are much much better. Hopefully they will fix it soon because going back to an earlier ROM is not proving an easy task.

  3. Looks like o2 or dell pulled it as its pretty shit…

    Few people stuck on dell logo on reboot. And loads others having serious speed issues.. amongst other problems.
    It s also rooted with an unsecured su left intact.. slight security hole that one.

    Leaked beta version was better.
    Of course there’s plenty off people who have non of these issues at all..