Android 2.1 on the (UK) Dell Streak is Not Awesome

Dell Streak owners in the UK are getting Android 2.1 this week, however many would probably rather go back to 1.6 if they could.    The Register is reporting that users are running to issues with all sorts of things, including web browsing, contacts, the touch screen, and buttons.  If you have a Dell Streak on O2, you will definitely want to back up anything you feel is important.  This isn’t to say you will lose data for sure, but, with the growing list of bugs, it’s hard to predict.

  • We started hearing problems with this last week, users reporting our Cycle Hire Widget app crashing – it appears that anything using Google Maps with the Show My Location feature will crash.

    The cause is this old chestnut: – we’ve fixed it but that doesn’t stop various village idiots 1*ing us for something that’s really not our fault.

  • iStormUK

    It’s not SO bad… I mean it works… mostly. Nagging oversights, poor quality control, but it does run, and does run largely better than 1.6, just missing a few bits.

  • Mark

    Well I’m running 2.1 build 6941, which was the beta version without any problems. It seems to me that they have tinkered to much with it as I’m not seeing any problems running software’ oh apart from missing some applications. But generally the tablet works great.

    I must stress at this point, DELL if you what to continue to sell Internet tablets/ Mobile phone do your QA correctly or just by a little 3 wheel yellow van and sell yous stuff out of the back of it! (get it?)