Google Instant on your Android Phone Right Now! (Update: You Missed Your Chance)


You’re likely already aware that Google debuted Google Instant today, which gives search results as you type. It’s pretty great, and even more exciting was that they stated it will come to Android this fall. But you don’t have to wait– you can try it right away!

Thanks to a tip from Neil Lund, we’ve confirmed that Google Instant works just dandy in the Android browser (on a Nexus One running 2.2; your results may vary) from the following URL:

I had to reload it a couple times, but now it works like a charm. Just set it as your homepage, and hope that Google doesn’t disable it!

Update: Well, that was fun for the five minutes it lasted. The URL above is now redirecting to the regular Google Mobile home page for me.


  1. It is working for me…at least on my computer. In my Droid Incredible it only shows you the suggested keyword searches but the actual results are not shown until you clicked a keyword.

  2. In the Droid Incredible there is no “=” sign? I had to copy and paste, it worked for me for a while but it doesn’t allow me to save this bookmark, it reverts to