Google Maps 4.5 Hits Android Market with Walking Navigation Beta


Folks with Android 1.6 or higher on their handsets should be seeing the familiar Android Market update notification.  Google has rolled out yet another update to their increasingly awesome Maps application.  This time around (v4.5) Google has meshed the previously available walking directions and navigation features into one beta product – Walking Navigation (Beta).  Like the name implies, Google Maps now helps you with walking directions in the same manner they’ve been helping drivers with turn-by-turn navigation.Another feature baked into the latest release is the new Google Maps search bar which rests at the top of the app screen.  A quick tap gets you going with Search, Places, and Layers options.  Also handy in Maps 4.5 is the ability to filter search results by distance/ratings, view prices categorized with dollar signs, and look at cross streets for places.  If you haven’t already done so, go to the Android Market and update your Google Maps!


  1. All except for you Verizon Fascinate phone owners. For you we have Verizon Navigator which has……um……what does it have again? Oh yes, the privilege of paying VZW a few more bucks a month.

  2. Currently the actual display of the walking route on maps is gray, which is absolutely impossible to see when… walking around town. I’m stunned that the Google team make such horrific usability mistakes,