Updated Google Voice App Hits Android Market, Adds Two Widgets

You know that fancy new Google Voice app that comes built into the T-Mobile’s forthcoming G2?  The one with the cool looking widgets? Well, Google is making it available today to existing Android users.  The only major difference that we can see from this and the G2 version is that the G2 will allow for people to sign up for an account.  The separate application in the Android Market requires you already have one.  Aside from that, they should be the same.  What makes this release so special?  Read on.Two widgets can be placed on your home screen – Google Voice Inbox and The Settings widget

The Google Voice Inbox widget puts your most recent voicemails and text messages right where you’d look first – home screen. You can now cycle through messages from the inbox by simply tapping the left or right arrow.  Tapping the message preview will open it up within the app itself.

The Settings widget provides four major options:

  • Get instant access to the full Google Voice app by clicking the Google Voice icon.
  • Quickly compose and send free text messages.
  • Change your dialing preferences on the fly. You can have your phone use Google Voice in four different ways, depending on your calling preference.
  • Select Do Not Disturb and all calls to your Google number will be sent straight to Voicemail.

At the bottom of this widget, customers can see their available credits.  My only gripe with these widgets is the size.  Make them four icons across and I’m in love.  A 3X1 widget looks silly and poorly designed.

  • Uni

    While I haven’t yet purchased or unlocked LauncherPro Plus, the ability to stretch all widgets seems to work just fine with these widgets, as least horizontally. It’s especially nice to note that the Inbox widget displays more text from the messages when stretched.

    • Nunya

      ADW does it for free

  • TB

    “My only gripe with these widgets is the size. Make them four icons across and I’m in love. A 3X1 widget looks silly and poorly designed.”

    Completely disagree. They are absolutely correct to not take up any more real estate than they need, especially for a widget that people may want to put on their home screen. 3×1 is the right way to go, if that’s enough space to effectively provide the desired functionality.

  • OIK2

    I would trade the whole settings widget for a 1×1 shortcut to compose, since that is the only part of the widget that is really of use to me. Can already get to the main app using the shortcut, there is already a rifle google voice bailing shortcut, never use DND mode.

    Less widgets, more options of shortcuts (that I can squeeze into a multicon widget to fit a ton more on my homescreen)