Android’s Internal Troubleshooting Codes Revealed

File this under the “good to know” section of your brain.  A savvy, Android user recently posted an interesting tidbit regarding codes that can be punched into the dialer on your Android device to do everything from a full wipe to check the integrity of your GPS signal.

Be warned: some of these codes are extremely powerful, so this article comes with a big warning about blindly banging these codes into your device, as some of them could cause real, permanent harm to your treasured Android device.  Please make sure you know what you’re doing if you want to try some of these.  I was only able to get the first code to work on my Tmo G1, but I only tried the ones that didn’t flash or wipe anything.

Hit the links if you are feeling adventurous and have some grasp of the power of these codes.  Anyone have any luck? via Lifehacker

  • Naresh

    most of the codes are not working in my Moto Milestone.

  • david

    im pretty sure these are samsung dependent