Gartner: Android to Become No. 2 Worldwide Mobile OS by Year End

Gartner has released a report today that says Android is well on track to becoming the number two (#2) mobile operating system in the world by year end.  Expected to end up with around 17.7 percent market share, Android will trail only Symbian in terms of reach.  It should be pointed out that this beats their own expectation by two years.  Further, they predict that by 2014, Android will be battling it out for the top spot overall.  Where’s RIM and iOS in all of this?  Selling awesome to be sure, but not enough for an increase in market share.  Gartner also expects that Android will become the top player in the United States by the end of this year.

…Manufacturers such as Samsung to launch many new budget Android devices in 2H10 that will drive Android into mass market segments. Other players, such as Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola, will follow a similar strategy. This trend should help Android become the top OS in North America by the end of 2010.

Gartner attributes the growth for Android and Symbian to be a direct result of their open nature.

Do any of you experts out there think Gartner is off in their predictions?  Will Android take number one by 2014 or will someone unseat us for #2 by then?

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  • Dannyboy

    Because Android is so open, and because companies are willing to implement the OS in cars, tablets, and tv’s, its pretty safe to say more people will be exposed to Android in their everydays lives, more than let’s say Ios for example. Android is well on its way to becoming a household name. Even the military has been in talks about Android on the battlefield. O think the 2014 projection is way off though. At this rate (200,000 android activations a day) its going to be more like 2013. I hope Im right and Apple gets sent packin (‘;

  • Rdx

    It is already No 2 worldwide.

  • WrlsFanatic

    I’m curious to see what they think iOS’s US penetration is now… or what it will be at the end of this year. I’ve seen huge sales for the devices but neither AT&T nor Apple have ever offered a number of active devices to my knowledge.

  • Drew

    “Budget devices” that sucks.. just more cause for alarm in my opinion. These companies start pushing out a slew of “budget devices” and you can kiss updates good bye. They are already spotty as it is. I’d rather companies focus on making good quality phones that won’t be “end of lifed” after 6 months, and stay updated as well.

  • Sr

    Apple invented this market and never intended for or expected dominant marketshare, iOS will still own the high end of the market while android bottom feeders battle their way to the bottom.

    As for android itself, google gives it away for a reason. Nothing is free folks. Every email you send, every website you visit, every contact you have is being mined and recorded by google. The more Google knows about you, the more money they make. Android is not the product, you are the product they are selling.

    Apple’s objective is to make products that people want to buy…they need to wow you or you will buy somthing else. Google..they just want to get as much personal information about you as possible so they can sell it to advertisers. Which is why android is “free”.

    When you think about motive it’s clear Apple is the good guy in this drama.