German IFA Video Shows Xperia X10 Running 2.1


If you got a chance to read our Xperia X10 review last week, you know that the one glaring problem that we found with an otherwise slick, sexy handset is the fact that is has shipped with Android 1.6 as the OS version.  We loved this handset after reviewing it; the battery life, the form factor and the quality of the build were spot on gorgeous, but we could not get around the fact that Sony decided to launch the unit with an outdated version of Android.  AT&T and Sony/Ericsson have both been promising that they will update the handset to 2.1 pretty quickly, but we have stopped holding our breath when it comes to carriers and OTA updates.

However, the video above shows the Xperia X10 at the recent IFA show in Germany running a build of 2.1, which the uploader of the video says he got from Sony Ericsson. The source of the vid also said that Xperia owners could be seeing the update in as little as 4 weeks!

we tell you this, if they indeed do start rolling 2.1 out to these devices, the X10 becomes a winner, and one of the nicer midrange Android handsets on the market.  We will keep you up to date as we hear more!

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