Motorola Tweaks Android Update Timeline… For the Worse

Early MOTOBLUR adopters are finding that their Android phones are dying a slow death.  As other devices from Motorola (and other companies) are looking at Android 2.2 and beyond, Cliq, Cliq XT, and Backflip owners are waiting on a 2.1 update that may never see the light.

The Motorola support forum has updated their Android timeline once again and the news gets worse for some.  Once expected to get the update in second quarter (Q2 ’10) the CLIQ and CLIQ XT are looking at late Q3/early Q4, at the same time as the Backflip.  The Devour, however, will stay where it is because that’s what Motorola believes is the “best combined hardware and software experience”.  The same goes for international QUENCH, DEXT, and BACKFLIP devices.

At this point, I wouldn’t even consider an Android 2.2 update if I owned a CLIQ, CLIQ XT, and BACKFLIP.  Be thankful if/when you see Eclair and prepare to move on.

  • Tony

    hellooooo G2!!! i think im the only one that really liked my cliq… and still do… the keyboard beats alot of the kb’s on newer phones, and i think motoblur was a great concept… so much that even HTC came out with it’s own “friend stream” widget to compete with the “happenings” widget that makes blur so attractive to me and the peeps i show it to…. but that being said, i think i need more power and the ability to run all the apps the cool kids are running.. lol..

  • kilari

    Oh man. You guys gave me a heart attack. I thought you were saying Moto totally canceled the update for the XT. I’m content waiting cus my Cliq XT works ok with 1.5. But I expected an update very very soon when I bought this thing on April 26th. I bought the XT seeing that Moto was already working on an update. The delay has been frustrating, as long as they don’t full on cancel the update, if they cancel it Moto will lifelong lose a customer. Cus I don’t like being lied to. Just like I didn’t ditch my XT for a Vibrant because Samsung sucks at providing support for it’s handsets, just look at the whole Instinct line on Sprint and the Behold2 on Tmo. Their support ends once that phone is in production, then they move onto the next phone, they might provide a maintinence update that fixes one of the many many bugs, but just a couple. You have to live with the rest. I’m affraid Moto is the same way.

    • Jeff

      I had the behold 2 and it honestly was the most intensely horrible phone imaginable. Zero support, and an overall failure of technology.

  • Rafael

    Worse than not getting 2.1, is being stucked on 1.5 instead 1.6 on Devour for example. We are too tired of so much waiting and frustrations.
    I recommend for everyone NOT to buy any other Motorola phone because, 99,9% certain you’re not getting any upgrades and if so, then it will be always delayed.

    I’m a brazilian customer (not from Motorola anymore) with a Quench! #Motofail

  • opiate46

    This was news a few weeks ago. I’m starting to think that Cliq owners are going to get the shaft. They were supposed to get the 2.1 update back in June. Now it’s just question marks. The irony being that the Cliq was supposed to be the phone that put Moto back in the game because they were a failing company.

  • Well I must certainly think myself lucky to have a Nexus One.

    Was just talking to a friend two days ago with a DEXT (this is in the UK) the other day, and was talking about how app support for anything below 1.6 (well 1.6 is where support for multiple screen resolutions, etc came in, I guess) is pretty dire, but Moto are planning an update to 2.1.

    And now they’re cancelling it? No, the biggest irony must be that, as far as I can tell, the CLIQ – which is still being updated – and the DEXT share _exactly_ the same hardware, even down to the supported GSM bands, as T-Mobile US and European GSM networks use the same 3G bands (unlike AT&T). I’m not sure how Motorola an really come up with any decent reasoning for this – maybe they just can’t be bothered to handle the slight branding change for each of the various European carriers – but it’s just kicking their customers in the teeth.

  • Drew

    Yep.. I keep thinking about Jumping ship. I feel like every phone on my carrier which was the first to embrace android (Tmo) has been left in the dust to fend for themselves. Behold II, My Touch, My Touch 2.1 Garmen phone, and now Cliq, and Cliq Xt, does that pretty much cover Tmo entire stable of Android phones except for the Vibrant and ( we don’t name the slide or that other portrait phone thingy….)? Why are we supposed to sit back and just swallow this? At least if on other carriers phones are not getting updated, you’ve got about a seventy five percent shot of buying one that will! Fail Tmo! Fail! Stop selling us Lemons!!!!

  • s. Woods

    Yep, that’s why I ditched Motorola for a Samsung Galaxy S. Tired of waiting…

  • Michael R. Marano

    It’s precisely what the manufacturer/telco rackets want. Why should they provide a free OS upgrade to older phones on their tab, when they can leverage consumers to upgrade on theirs?

    I have a Droid X. Still waiting for the 2.2 upgrade which has been delayed once already. I half expect they’ll wait until October. Then they’ll add the X to the no-froyo zone and expect me to buy a new handset for any hope of Android 3.

    Wish in one hand.


    • Sean

      Here’s the thing tho. When I purchased my backflip it was only because it was the only AT&T Android phone AND one of the selling points was upgradable to 2.1. So much so that they made it sound like it was coming out the 2.1 already on it. I had to do a lot of research to find out that it was coming with 1.5. So I decided to drop my Blackberry and move to Android only because it was pushed as 2.1 capable. So yes, I believe they should provide the free OS. Otherwise they are looking at a lawsuit for false advertising IMO.

  • Grey

    Motocrap lost me as a customer for life… as with many brazilian backflip owners now stuck with a backflip on 1.5.
    Screw you, motorola… plenty of competition out there who fulfills their promises and cares about their customers.

  • Lily

    I personally think MOTO is doing their best to upgrade it. 😉 Their team has completed the upgrade , and only need some time to guarantee the quality before release. I understand the frustration you are experiencing, but at this stage, shipping buggy update is much more costly…

  • tsheeley

    Does anyone know of a good forum community for CLIQ ROMs? ModMyMoble is ok… but it’s no XDA, that’s for sure. My wife is getting an insurance replacement CLIQ, so I’ll be rooting it the same night it shows up.

    @Drew – I rooted my MT3G Classic pretty much right away and haven’t looked back. I’m currently running an Eclair ROM that’s as smooth as can be. I could even go FroYo if I wanted, but they’re still too much of a hassle to get running nicely, in my opinion.

  • chief

    This is exactly why I left motorola and my cliq behind! I love my new Epic despite its issues.

  • Al

    I think the problem is the Cliq simply does not have enough processing and graphics power to run 2.1 to spec. Motorola’s biggest mistake was representing this underpowered hardware as capable of being upgraded. I would have liked an upgrade to 1.6 somewhere in the meantime, but that would have delayed/canceled the effort for 2.1. to still be running 1.5 is a big problem now.

    At this point, I think TMO/Motorola should offer customers a discounted upgrade to better hardware like the Charm. That would show they are at least acknowledging the protracted delay, which has now extended well into the service life of my phone.

  • mux

    everyone just stop complaining…root your cliqs already…ive been running motoblur 2.1 on my cliq for months already and its amazing… goog maps nav and a crap load of other apps that dont run on 1.5…but lets just say that moto has left a bad taste in my mouth and i will buy a G2 or maybe go kbless with the mytouch hd…..hmmmm bye bye moto…

    • Frank

      @Mux: Is the Motoblur 2.1 leak buggy in anyway? Any issues you have encountered? Also anything that doesn’t work for you? Just curious since I may be taking that route myself with my Cliq. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Laura

    I had the Cliq XT for about 6 weeks with daily problems and called them repeatedly about how the phone would lock up for 20 minutes. Since I was over the 30 day cancellation period, they sent me a Mytouch 3g 3.5mm jack phone for free just to keep me from going to another carrier. I had already had my eye on a Droid phone at Verizon that wasn’t from Motorola. I wasn’t expecting much from their phones but fell in love with the Mytouch. Though it is still on 1.6, hopefully an update will arrive soon. All in all though, the phone does what it is supposed to and I have not had even one problem with it. I am a huge fan of HTC now because of the Mytouch! I will wait patiently for the update as I am not tech savvy and the forums explaining how to root confuse me. As far as Motorola goes, I will never even look at a phone from them again even if the phone was free under a 2 year contract! Motorola has failed miserably in trying to establish themselves as a flagship company again. Their lack of communication, poor customer service and phones that are good for nothing but paperweights have instead put them as the blacksheep of the Android family. Now, hurry up HTC and Tmo and give me an update to at least 2.1 on my MyTouch!

  • When I bought my backflip only because he was the only Android phone AT & T And one of the selling points was extended to 2.1. So much so that sounded like it came out of 2.1 already on it. I have done much research to discover that he came with a 1.5. So I decided to give up my Blackberry and switch to Android only because it was pushed to capacity 2.1. So yes, I think you should give the free operating system. Otherwise, they are looking for a lawsuit for false advertising IMO.

  • Vivian Dilberd

    I love HTC now because of the Mytouch. I will delay with patience for the upgrade as I am not technical smart and the boards describing how to main mix up me.