TweetDeck Beta v0.9.8 Arrives With a Trio of Widgets


The guys at Tweetdeck heard you loud and clear – you love your Tweetdeck beta but you want your widgets.  Rejoice for there are now three widgets in the latest release (v0.9.8) of the popular social networking app: Quick post, New Column, and Quick launch! On top of the requisite bug fixes and performance boosts, there’s also a new “Add Column interface” to customize the app! Download the latest beta release at (APK)

  • Mr Mufakka

    The column widget needs to be scrollable so you can view more than TWO tweets!

  • technopearl

    I agree with mr mufakka. Also, the Post widget should be just an icon or 1×1 widget so it can fit easily onto a tight homescreen. I like the bar widget a lot though, gives you a shortcut to all your columns, which is helpful when you have 6!

  • Bees

    Thats not a widget. Its a fancy shortcut.

  • DominoDoug

    Tweetdeck has huge potential they just need to fix numerous things.