Fascinate to Get Google Search with 2.2 Update

The biggest #trevorfail this week hands down was the fact that Verizon sold out to the man and decided to make Bing the search engine of choice in the quick search functionality of the Samsung Fascinate.  It defied belief and caused a major uproar in the Android Community, and rightly so.  I seems like perhaps that cry has been heard by the powers that be at Verizon, as there has been a shift in the situation recently.

Cnet via phonescoop is reporting that users of the Samsung Fascinate will be able to download the Google search functionality once they have the 2.2 update to their handsets.  This is not a total solution however, as it is being reported that Bing will still be the search engine of choice on the phone.  I cannot even begin to describe the amount of fail there is in that fact.

Verizon is beginning to show it’s true colors again, now that the Droid line has given them so much success.  Hate to say I told you so.

  • Dannyboy

    Options are what Android’s all about but this is a little ridiculous. How Google ever let Verizon pull this off is beyond me. I would still set my browser to Google home page. And I just wouldn’t use Bing quick search. Although no search Engine completely gets what your looking for perfectly every time. Its still cool to have a second option. Although I’m partial to Google…

    • WrlsFanatic

      Did you seriously just blame Google for this? Why? Because they’re too customizable? Too open? This is 100% Verizon’s fault. There really can be no doubt that Samsung came to Verizon, said that everyone was getting a Galaxy S phone, and Verizon said, “Sure, we’ll sell it, but only with Bing on it.” NO other Galaxy S phone has Bing on it.

  • As long as users will be able to replace Bing with Google Search on Fascinate, it’s OK. Not particularly good, but OK.
    However, there is more serious and general question here: in my and not only my opinion, now when Android became a prevalent mobile platform, it’s a time for Google to switch from a current total lack of control of Android universe to a different politic: to establish a set of minimum requirements for Android hardware, to establish strict rules of what is called “Android experience” – a minimum set of software, rules, allowing end user to download third-party apps and to replace mobile provider’s [crap] ware with applications of user’s choice.
    Joshua Topolsky described it beautifully in Engadet podcast #211, I highly recommend listening it (this particular topic starts on a minute 53. See more on http://goo.gl/HeSH

  • max

    You guys realize that the Bing search is a Samsung-Microsoft deal, and Verizon’s only culpability in it is they didn’t release the phone fast enough before that deal went through? My guess is the update they’re sending is basically them going as close to total google search as the deal will allow… If you’re a power user where Bing really bothers you that much… just Root the phone and move on. Remember when Droid didn’t support multi-touch?

    • slbailey1

      So, since using Bing on devices is a Samsung-Microsoft deal will the Galaxy Tab be replacing Google Search with Bing?

    • Todd

      You are so misinformed it isn’t even funny. Microsoft and verizon struck a deal over bing. It has been in the news for months. They pushed bing to all their blackberry handsets back at the beginning of the year too. Be careful when you speak so matter of factly.

  • ona1 is always designing absurd malls on the cool universe ROBLOX

  • slbailey1

    With this move to Bing, does the Fascinate have universal search?

  • What’s the problem here? Just dont buy that phone. Buy something else, like the Droid X. You have a choice.

    • Pachi

      Except the Droid X is nowhere near as good a phone as the Galaxy S is… We’ll have to wait for the 2.2 update to be released.

  • Jojo

    It’s one thing if they made Bing default. I mean something has to be the default. But Verizon removed the option to use anything else (unless you hack the phone). This is the shit that made me debate leaving Verizon prior to the Droid. Verizon knows they have the best network and so they take FULL advantage of that to pull crap like this. Even the iPhone lets you choose your search engine.

  • JJ Franks

    Google hasn’t done anything wrong, Verizon did. I left Verizon a few years ago because they pi$$ed me off because they were disabling all the good functions on the phones and adding their crappy bloatware. When Verizon released the Android phone I was excited but very skeptical. Well, my fears were right. Verizon is back to their old ways. Now that they gained back many customers they’re destroying the Android phone.
    Do you think they don’t have the iPhone because they couldn’t get it? It’s because Apple wouldn’t agree to let them put their crappy software on it and disable what makes it useful.
    Microsoft paid Verizon a lot of money to put Bing! on the phone and make it the default browser because MS has to pay to force people to use their software because it sux.
    If Verizon wants to install software on the phones that’s OK, as long as we can uninstall it if we choose to.
    Verizon, you’re going to fail if you keep going this way.