See You at APPNATION Tomorrow!

The APPNATION conference is finally upon us!  I am writing this post at the KCI airport, waiting to head out to San Fran to cover APPNATION from beginning to end, and really looking forward to it!

If you are going to be at the conference, I would love to meet you and perhaps do an interview with you on your app for both our AGTN Droid-cast and a post on!

We will have a pod in the conversation pit in the expo, make sure to find me!  I am most likely going to be the only guy with a thick Boston accent!

See you there!

  • Ray what’s up with an Android event in KC?

    • Ray Walters

      I have not heard about one, but we can certainly try to pull on together!

  • Larry Aubin

    Hi Ray,

    You mentioned you have a Boston accent? Do you live in or near Boston or are you from around Boston living somewhere else?

    I’m just curious. I live in Milford, MA and was pleased to see someone from around here on

    Pak the ca! lol


    • Ray Walters

      I grew up in Lowell, and lived all over the Boston area, you name it, I probably spent some time there lol. I live in Missouri right now. Good to hear from a fellow New Englander!