New Droid X Froyo Build Leaks Out

A new build of the Droid X Android 2.2 update has leaked out.  This time, the build leaked out on My Droid World, and appears ready to be installed for those who are rooted.  Remember you need to have Koush’s bootstrapper for this to work.  For those interested, check out the full instructions at the source link.

We should let you know that we haven’t actually tried this yet, so let us know what you think. Oh, and remember for those not rooted, Motorola already said you won’t be getting an OTA to fix any leaked build bugs you get from installing a leaked version of Froyo on your Droid X. That means, be careful and be mindful!

Source: My Droid World

Image Source: CNET

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  1. Bees
    September 12, 20:51 Reply

    It doesnt matter if moto will support it or not. If you’re rooted, you’ll just get an updated version through the same channels that we get these leaks from. no big deal.

  2. kevjohn
    September 20, 12:54 Reply

    Yeah yeah yeah. Now where is the *official* Froyo release from Motorola? The one I don’t have to worry about bricking, or damaging in any way, the most expensive phone I have ever bought. Because, you know, money ain’t exactly growing on trees around here.

  3. jared
    September 24, 17:42 Reply

    Actually i have heard the OTA froyo has caused boot loops and bricking fyi.

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