New myTouch HD Details Emerge in Latest T-Mobile Leak

Our friends over at TmoNews have been very busy, getting their hands on some very juicy internal T-Mobile documents that give details about the upcoming myTouch HD.  While we still don’t know much, we now know that the phone will run Android 2.2, and feature front-facing VGA camera.  The document also states that  video chat will be welcome over 3g, HSPA+, and of course Wi-Fi. Boo-yah! This is why I love T-Mo.

Additionally,  the handset will also have 4GB of internal storage, ship with a 8GB SD card, and have a 5.0 megapixel, auto-focus camera. The document also discusses features such as screen-sharing and mentions the device will have a genius button.  Quite impressive.  Oh, and last, but not least,  according to this document, the phone will feature a 1Ghz Dual Processor.  Not really sure what that is, but it sounds like it uses a lot of power.  Let’s hope T-Mobile includes additional batteries with this device!

This device is certainly going to be a nice addition to the T-Mobile lineup.  Now all we need is a price and a release date. This is still breaking folks, as soon as we have more we will definitely let you know.

What do you think? Is this something you would be interested in?

Source: TmoNews

  • With all the hype about HD and sharing with your TV it better have an HDMI port on the phone.

    • John

      If you are a smart person, you will not need an HDMI port. I would rather d/l vid’s to my computer then play them on my TV than pay an extra 100 bucks for a mini HDMI port… I thought that feature was worthless on the EVO for any smart computer user.

  • Jeff

    Agreed, I settled with no ffc or flash on my vibrant, so this thing better be PACKED with features. Especially to compete with the phones that verizon has in the works.

  • Dirtybandit

    I have the slide, looking forward to a1gz phone. had the hd2 what a joke. I just hope the programming doesn’t take up to much of the phone memory.

  • Need A Phone

    I am impressed that it at least has HSPA+ and a dual core processor, something I have been critical on T-Mobile about, having a HSPA+ network with no phone to support it. T-Mobile is finally starting to step up, but not enough for me to buy. I want my next phone to have a 4.3 inch high resolution screen, dual core processor, 16MB internal, external slot expandable to 32, I could go on, but you get the picture. One might ask what do you need all of this power for, 1 – because I want it, 2 – because I can afford it, and 3 (most important) – because applications will become larger and will need this processing power to provide the a good user experience

    • John

      Proofread your stupid comments before you post them, at least you wont sound nearly as much as a dolt.
      you are retarted 16mb internal memory, talk about a major step back… idiot

  • xarophti

    Ah, this is sounding more like it!! This could be the Android I’ve been looking for…to replace my MyTouch when the time comes.

  • Jeff

    Yay, finally a 3.8″ screen! Wait, what?

    Color me disappointed in T-Mobile for the millionth time.

  • John

    It is strange that they call this “dual-process” instead of “dual-core”. Qualcomm has 3 models that possibly uses 1GHz clock:

    QSD8x50 – this would blow. Its the current generation Snapdragon that blows in GPU performance.
    MSM8x55 – this one is rated at 1GHz but it looks to be a 1GHz version of MSM7x30 (found in HTC G2), which means its a single core.
    MSM8x60 – this is a 3rd gen Snapdragon. It is a dual-core and it does run up to 1.2GHz. But I feel this one is not market-ready yet.

    Lets hope for the sake of us, it is MSM8x60. Based on what’s written here, it would be pretty good. 🙂

    But more likely it is MSM8x55 with some marketing ploy as MSM8x60 should not be ready for the market yet. 🙁

  • Hmmmm, well I was starting to get a little annoyed at the MyTouch line of phones because that’s all T-Mobile ever seemed to be getting. This one might be a welcome addition but I’m not sure if I will buy it. I kinda want a phone with a bigger screen.

  • Mike

    My girlfriend has the my myTouch Slide and it’s a great phone but I dislike the hard buttons and the genius button. I use the search button alot on my N1 and when playing with my gf’s, I found it annoying not having it right there each time.

    I want a bigger screen as well. 4.3 is nice for me IMO. Make it less plasticity as well…

  • yOunq n FLaShy

    This my touch HD phone Sound’s “BULL-SHIT”…Im better off with my Samsung galaxy S.It had’s better 3D gaming Graphics in the Market the processor anit a dual but it is real fast &|nd Belive me this my touch HD anit shit these Cheap mother fucker’s is putting a VGA FRONT FACING CAMERA THAT A “0.3 MEGAPIXELS” ..SMH

  • Tmobastard

    Don’t know if I trust this doc.

    Did anybody notice the last sentence in the caption below the pic?

    “Get blazing fast speeds with its 1ghz dual processor and on America’s Largest 4g Network”

    I don’t think T-Mobile can legally advertise their HSPA+ network as being 4g So I seriously doubt they would say this in a customer “Grab and Go” info flyer