App Review: No-Lock

Ever have the desire to wake your stock Android phone from standby using the trackball? If you have, you might want to to check out the application No-Lock. The application, which is extremely simple, allows users to wake the phone using either the volume rocker, trackball, or even optical track-pad.   Overall, this is the closest you are going to get to trackball wake on a stock phone, which is featured in quite a few custom ROMs.

Along with the application, the developer gives you a widget, which proves very useful at times.  In fact, I often use it to remove and re-enable the lock-screen on the Nexus One.  It works great! I should also mention that the colors and design of the UI look great, and the application is VERY easy to use.

For that don’t want to root and want to wake their phone quickly, they should definitely check this app out.  It is simple and works well. Oh, and it is also free!

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  1. Jake
    September 13, 19:36 Reply

    This is already in widget locker plus you get a ton of other features try it out

  2. Alex
    September 13, 20:02 Reply

    Or you could just use Tasker and save the space. I have a widget and a few contexts… when i plug in or dock for example the lock is disabled.

  3. Nox Edge
    September 14, 01:57 Reply

    It’s good details about the ipod so I like this…….

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