Image of AT&T-Branded Samsung Galaxy Tab Leaks Out

Engadget has gotten a hold of some very juicy Android related news.  If you see the photo above, you probably already know what that news is. That’s right, The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be launching on AT&T.   Engadget is claiming that this device, and three other Android handsets will be shipping “prior to December.” Nice. Now lets just see how much AT&T can neuter this device. I really hope they don’t.

As far as a release date and pricing goes, we don’t have anything to share unfortunately.  I feel that the biggest question mark thus far has been price.  We have heard both extremely high and moderate prices. Who knows at this point.

While overall I am a bit surprised by this, this should prove to be a great alternative to the iPad.  I might even pick one up.

Anyone interested in an AT&T-branded Galaxy Tab?

Source: Engadget

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  1. anakin78z
    September 13, 20:26 Reply

    Considering it’s shipping with Samsung’s own app store, I wonder if AT&T will be able to disable installation of non-market apps (considering that likely disable’s Samsung’s store)?

    • Ahmed Eltawil
      September 14, 10:27 Reply

      I believe the Samsung Tab will use the Android Market. Look for YouTube videos of the Tab and you’ll notice the Android Market app icon on its home screen. I don’t think Samsung even has its own App Store.

  2. Eddie
    September 13, 20:42 Reply

    Honestly I dont care what carrier gets it because I’m just going to tether it to my Nexus One and my upcoming G2

  3. Jeremy
    September 13, 20:54 Reply

    Not willing to sign a contract for it. I’ll have to settle for the archos 70.

  4. UK Online Bingo sites
    September 14, 03:54 Reply

    According to a tipster who delivered the image, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is being indicated as one of AT&T’s flagship devices for this holiday season.

  5. jason
    September 14, 10:29 Reply

    don’t care. i want wifi only and no carrier restrictions. it’s really unfortunate that there supposedly won’t be a wifi only version. too bad the google phone store didn’t work out. i wonder how much of that was due to pressure from the carriers?

  6. Mega
    September 15, 18:17 Reply

    Impress me by having Sprint carry it with 4G service and mifi for up to 5 devices, then I will swoon. In the meantime, I am looking for a window to break free from the grips of the Steve J. and Appledom (2 AT&T iphones, & a 3G iPad in the same household) uggh and alas no shares of Apple stock. Bring it on Samsung!

  7. jessica
    September 21, 11:12 Reply

    Clearly they’re going after potential iPad users who want something more pocketable. If it’s as good as my Epic 4G (and it looks like it is), this is going to be one killer device.

  8. Bob Dobbs
    November 11, 08:51 Reply

    Google’s store not working out had zero to do with pressure from the carriers, it had to do with being unable to sell phones without the carriers. The carriers spend a metric load of money selling phones, have thousands of dealerships and partnerships in retail, and bundle phones with plans. Google was selling a handset from their own online store. I wonder why that didn’t work out?

  9. digital piano
    February 01, 23:14 Reply

    I believe the Samsung Tab will use the Android Market. Look for YouTube videos of the Tab and you’ll notice the Android Market app icon on its home screen. I don’t think Samsung even has its own App Store.Samsung announced at tonight’s press conference that the Galaxy Tab will be available on all 4 major US carriers: AT&T,T-Mobile,Sprint,and Verizon.

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