Radio Shack Selling T-Mobile G2 for $149

Thinking about pre-ordering the T-Mobile G2, but still not 100% ready to drop $200 on the phone?  What if a retail company were to sweeten the pot and shave $50 off the price?  That is exactly what Radio Shack is doing, trying to lure potential buyers.  Advising followers to “stay tuned” for more details, the specialty electronics outfit plans on eating some of the cost of the phone.  We’re waiting to see what T-Mobile’s official pricing looks like, but we suspect the carrier will offer the phone at $200 with or without a rebate.  Any takers?

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  1. DaveC
    September 13, 11:57 Reply

    I just wish someone would announce a deal for Even More Plus users that want to buy it ougright!

    • Andy
      September 23, 23:37 Reply

      I am in your boat, and it won’t happen. T-Mobile at $499. Maybe Amazon or somewhere else for $449 if we are lucky. I look at it this way. The same plan as mine with the contract is $20 per month more. And you have to keep it for two years. $20 24 months = $480 + $199 = $697 vs. $499. for those with the no contract plan…and you can pay that off over 20 months. Even though $500 is a lot for a phone, when you look at it this way, we are actually coming out ahead.


  2. JC
    September 28, 21:12 Reply

    I planning on doing the same thing. I know Best Buy is allowing you to pre-order and buy outright (no contract), but I am hoping RadioShack will sell it for $449.

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