App Review: Screen Off (Updated: Actually 0.99 Cents!)

If your like me and you have a newer, high-end Android phone, you probably have to use the power button (located on top of the device most often) to wake and re-lock the device.  After a lot of use, this power button can become worn down and sometimes hard to use.  To avoid this, I have discovered a very clever, but simple application which locks the screen into standby by merely touching the screen.  The app I am referring to , which many of you may have already heard of is called Screen Off and it works great. Definitely something all Android owners who have a hard power button and capacitive buttons need.  The developer’s site can be found here!

To use Screen Off, all you need to do is put your finger on the app.  After doing this, the screen turns black and locks into standby mode after a small three to five second delay.  If you do not wish for the screen to turn black and lock, you also have the option of choosing a padlock symbol (seen above) or even a static snow.  That is really it.  There isn’t much else to it.  Very simple.

Overall, I have used this app for about 3 months now and have never had any issues on my Nexus One. It has been very reliable. Oh, and by the way, the app is also only 0.99 cents! Can’t get better than that. Check it out in the market. For those with scanners, the QR code is below.

UPDATE: You guys were right, I was wrong. 0.99 is what the app is priced. STILL a great price if you ask me.


  • Mr Mufakka

    Market says it’s currently $.99.

  • thefatrat

    This app is not free in the market any more. $.99

  • Jay Dub

    “Oh, and by the way, the app is also free! Can’t get better than that.”

    fyi: According to its AppBrain page, this app is $0.99.

  • ItsMe

    Way to check your facts!

  • mjsd555

    Yeah, thanks for getting me excited for a “free” app…

  • Dford

    I did a search in the market and found it for $0.99, if someone knows where to get it for free please share.

  • laurie

    1st, it’s not free; 2nd if your phone has a shuts off- this app won’t keep it from doing that. This is simply a lock screen. Don’t most phones already have that by default? YOu still have to use the power button to turn the phone back on to touch the lock to unlock the screen???

  • Jay Dub

    This app may have been free when the blogger first got it. If it’s really good, $0.99 is next to nothing.

  • Meeeee

    I wish this post had an actual screen shot…

  • Hi all, I am the developer of Screen Off. I appreciate Screen Off being featured here!

    All the comments above are correct: Screen Off is (and has always been) $0.99 in the Android Market.

    If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me through the Screen Off website.

    Thank you for your interest!

  • Travis

    This app is not free…

  • Thanks for updating the review to include the correct price! A huge Thank You for being a happy Screen Off user for 3 months! I appreciate the positive feedback!

  • Mike

    Took me awhile to realize this, but hitting the home button wakes the screen too.

    • Leah

      Don’t see the point of this app… the back and home buttons take the app off. What is the point??

      • Stephen Tenerowicz

        The point is too be able to turn your screen off and phone into standby without pushing any hardware buttons

  • A S

    0.99 cents is NOt the same as 0.99 dollar.

    $0.99 = 99 ¢.

    The app is $0.99. Not 0.99 ¢. Please update your post to reflect the correct price unit.

  • Gad Zooks!

    All this effort over $.99