Full Angry Birds Arrives in Coming Weeks, “Mighty Eagle” Lurking in Shadows

If you’re like most of the AndroidGuys team, you blew through the Angry Birds Beta within a few minute/hours of opening the game.  Fifteen levels just isn’t enough to satisfy users, no matter how you spin it.  Thankfully, we can start looking forward to the full version, due in a matter of weeks.  TalkAndroid has a great little interview with the Rovio team where they spill a couple of beans about the full release as well as why the beta doesn’t work for all phones.  Speaking of Rovio’s pipeline, we’d like to build anticipation just a touch more.  There’s a new Mighty Eagle character headed our way via a fall update.  According to Rovio, the Mighty Eagle can be purchased within the game to help users blow through a level that they can’t get past.

“The Mighty Eagle is truly a silver bullet to solve all your problems in one shot.  It can be used to clear any one level instantly. If you wish to use it later in the game, you must clear [the earlier level destroyed with the eagle] using the standard selection of birds.” Mikael Hed, CEO Rovio

Read more about the new Mighty Eagle over at CNET!

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  1. TIMMY!!!!
    September 14, 14:31 Reply

    Is this only available for 2.1 and up? I’m running 1.6 on my mytouch and can’t find this in the market

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