Mashup Your Home Screen with HipLogic’s Spark (Beta)

Looking to sex up your Android home screen with something new?  You’re advised to run, not walk, to HipLogic’s website set up for their new *Spark Beta.  Or, head to the Android Market.  Either way, you need to download the beta.  The fully customizable desktop replacement app features modules for weather, social streams, headlines, and status. The first thing that comes to mind when I look at it is “MOTOBLUR done right…and without the deep phone integration.” *Spark is a location-aware and provides for many user-defined preferences.  Turn the modules off, rearrange them, and adjust the feeds to your liking.  Push notifications, cross network status posting, and a gorgeous user interface really help the app stand out.  HipLogic has existing relationships with companies such as, CBS, Disney, EA, and ET.  Look for more modules from these sources over time!

*Spark runs on Android phones with 1.6 or higher.  Download the beta today and start telling HipLogic what you think!

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’d love to try this, but Motorola seems determined to keep me stuck on 1.5. The best home replacement I’ve found for 1.5 is LiveHome. But this looks killer.

  • Jake

    Tried it on my N1 was kinda lagging took up a huge amt of space tho 13mb uninstalled a lil too big for a home replacement for me

  • Bob

    Looks very nice but bloated, very buggy so far and does not work with swype.