HTC Rumored to Drop Android 3.0 Tablet in Q1 ’11

There’s not a great deal to go on at this point, but a recent Digitimes article tells us that HTC plans to throw their hat in the tablet ring.  According to Taiwanese component makers, HTC is looking to take on the likes of LG, Samung, and Toshiba with an Android 3.0-powered device comes early 2011.  The hardware maker has developed a great reputation over the last few years and continues to strengthen their ties with carriers around the world.  Dropping a quality Android tablet doesn’t seem to be out of line for the once quiet company.  

As we’ve recently heard, the current version of Android isn’t really optimized for tablet experiences although apps are expected to work just fine.  Perhaps Google and HTC have become close enough over the last two years to where they know what the possibilities are for a tablet that takes advantage of both’s strong points.  An optimized Google experience on a device built with HTC‘s hardware and beauty. Mmmmmm, sounds nice, doesn’t it?

  • Droidfan

    Q1 is too late. They need something to compete with the Tab NOW.

    • DaveC

      The Tab is an oversized phone. They need to come up with something that can challenge the Pad. Let’s hope they do it!

  • Emanon

    Nexus Tab?

  • angelmetal Moreno pe

    bom uma unica platafroma

  • oh you know

    this makes me happy. I love the HTC Sense interface. I hope its atleast 10 inches like the ipad. unlike the Samsung fail 7 inches.

  • futurejohn

    My iPad 2 plans are officially on hold.

  • Jim

    Please, no carrier-only link up.

  • Michal

    This sounds pretty good. I hope it is bigger than the iPad.