to Allow for Remote Wipe, Locate and Device Backup

HTC pulled the curtain back on a pair of new phones today, however that’s not all they were doing.  The once quietly brilliant handset maker is making noise today with announcements of a new website and service for devices running Sense UI.  Not yet open for business, will be a central place for users to backup their phone’s content, locate a device, and/or remotely wipe it.  Backing up a phone will archive call history, texts, contacts, and other data.  This isn’t necessarily revolutionary stuff for the industry, but it is nice to see HTC put their hands on it.  We’ll be back with an official press release once it is sent out, but for now we recommend following our writer on the ground, Raphael Savina.

  • very nice thanx

  • Havoc70

    This will be a nice thing to have access to, great work HTC.

  • futurejohn

    That’s pretty cool, but is it any different than Lookout?

  • wish someone would inform htc that their UI sucks and they should just devote time to ASOP launcher instead.

    • Kev

      It almost sounds like you could be an idiotPhone fan.

  • Bob

    I think you will find that you are somewhat in the minority with that opinion.

  • Evo

    Why is EVO not supported?