Official Application Comes to Android

Location-based treasure hunters will be pleased to learn that the official application has come to Android.  Available for pretty much all Android phones (1.5+), the app provides direct access to, and lets users find nearby caches using a combination of GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation.  The $9.99 title has been very popular for the iPhone so we expect GPS and LBS hounds will gobble it up on Android.   There’s a treasure trove (see what we did there?) of features in the application.  We’ll list them in nice, bullet point format after the jump!  Click here to download and install Geocaching on your Android phone.

Instant, direct access to’s database of worldwide geocaches

  • Search by current location, address or GC code
  • Filter your finds from the search results
  • Access geocache details, including description, photo gallery, attributes, recent logs, hint and inventory
  • Look up Trackable details, including item goals, while on the trail
  • Save geocache listings, including maps and photos, for quick retrieval and offline use
  • Log geocache finds and post notes in the field
  • Download active pocket queries for use while outside of network coverage
  • View geocache web pages on without leaving the application using embedded web browser

Advanced navigation capabilities

  • View nearby caches on the embedded map
  • View cache size, terrain and difficulty rating directly from the map screen
  • Navigate to geocaches with a simulated compass arrow or directly from the map screen
  • Add custom waypoints when navigating to multi-caches
  • Switch between street and satellite maps

*****PRESS RELEASE*****, the world’s #1 location-based recreation portal, launches Geocaching for Android application

September 15, 2010 – Seattle, Wash. – – the world’s most popular site for geocachers – today announced the release of its new Geocaching application for the Android device market. Based on the very successful Geocaching application for the iPhone, this application provides Android users with unparalleled access to the database of more than 1.1 million geocaches worldwide.

Geocaching is a global game of hiding and seeking treasure and socializing online and in person. Anyone can hide a geocache – or treasure box – almost anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology, and then share the geocache’s existence and location online. Other geocachers obtain geocache coordinates at or directly through a geocaching application, head outdoors, and use their GPS or GPS-enabled mobile device to find the hidden treasure. With more than 5 million high-tech treasure hunters in more than 150 countries, geocaching is the most popular location-based game on Earth.

“Our Geocaching iPhone application has been one of the top paid navigation applications for almost two years, and we’re very excited to present this game-changing application to Android users,” says Bryan Roth, one of the founders of

With the Android app’s instant, direct access to, geocachers have a variety of features right at their fingertips. They can search for geocaches using their current location, address or GC reference code. They can also access geocache details, including description, attributes, pictures, recent logs, hints, terrain/difficulty ratings, and Trackable item inventory. Using the built-in search result display features, geocachers can easily identify potential geocaching adventures for any ability and fitness level.

The Geocaching application leverages the advanced navigation capabilities of the Android platform, allowing geocachers to view nearby caches on an embedded map, as well as switch between street and satellite maps. Coupled with the additional information accessible via the app, geocachers now have all the information they need to go geocaching using their Android device.

“We’re committed to delivering the best geocaching application for the Android platform, and are constantly working to add features and functions to further improve the application,” comments Roth. “Using a direct connection to our worldwide Geocaching database, our application delivers faster performance and provides more integrated functionality than any alternative application.”

The Geocaching Application is available for Android platforms 1.5 and higher.

  • Ken1

    This has been available for a while. One major gripe with this: as a paid app, it’s not available to users in countries where the paid market is not open yet. Groundspeak has been informed of this both on their own forums and GetSatisfaction and has indicated that they are aware of the problem but haven’t provided any alternative way to access the app or even given any indication that they are doing anything to solve this. As an avid geocacher I have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to pay for this app and try it out, even though I find the price high and reviews on the market indicate that it is inferior to other free geocaching apps on the market. I find the situation quite frustrating. Also, given that Groundspeak’s press release talks about geocaching being “global” and there being geocachers “in more than 150 countries”, it is quite ironic that the app is not available to everyone.
    Of course the real issue is that Google takes such a long time to make the paid market available to everyone, but since other developers and companies can use alternative distribution channels there is no reason why Groundspeak shouldn’t be able to do so too, especially given the global nature of this hobby. One would also hope cases like this would speed up the process of giving everyone access to paid apps; I’m currently unable to pay $10 to get this app from the market, but a brief search (using Google…) showed that I could get it for free if I was willing to get illegal.

  • Manuel

    Well… “c:geo” is the king of geocaching in android and it’s free, the app has all the features you’d need and the developer is responsive

    If only the official app were free, another tale would be told

  • $9.99 is a bit pricey considering the c:geo is free and quite good.
    But this app does look awesome and I do love Geocaching!

  • Jordan

    I have had this app for a while and used it on 2 Geocaching trips. Works great. I have not had any issues with it. The GPS on my Droid is not as accurate as my dedicated GPS so I end up only using it to look up nearby geocaches on the go.

  • Davest

    $9.99 for an app whose features are all available in a number of free apps? Seems odd. And how are apps chosen for review? Especially with a category like this, where so many apps are available, it would seem that a comparison review would be the way to go.

  • Sir Robin

    Less than 10 bucks for an app that helps you find all the caches in your immediate area with full details, that is a good deal. Geocaching can give you a lot of fun for very little cost outside of the GPS units. The phones may only work for finding really easy hides but since you already own the phone so you are getting a good deal. The free apps are ok but really not as good, I have tried 4 of them and really didn’t like cgeo, geobeagle was my favorite but had to preload the caches in.

    Most importantly if you don’t pay for some apps there won’t be the motivation for developers to continue to create good apps and to update them. I make a point to buy at least one a month, have to do it on my wife’s phone, I don’t have an android phone yet, I am looking at ordering a Desire from Rogers in Canada as soon as I finish this.

    Geocaching since 2005, just under 200 finds, 4 gps units and 2 gps enabled phones.

    • Sir Robin

      oops thats Teuls and 2000 finds.

  • Pete

    Sounds interesting, but I’m not paying $9.99. Wish there was a trial or demo that I could check out first.

  • FroYoNexus1

    Really silly to publish an app that does the same thing as other free alternatives that have been around longer, thus better dev tweaks/updates to prevent FC’s on varying devices. But hey that’s why Android is open, so there can be one MORE thing iPhone can’t give you CHOICE! lol

  • hadge

    While I definitely prefer c:geo to the official app, I believe c:geo functions be having to download and parse full HTML responses from the GC site, while the official GC app uses the same direct API as the iphone app. In my preliminary tests, the official app was 2-5 times faster searching for caches and getting cache details

  • Bjoern

    Does nobody know GeOrg?
    It costs half the price of the GC app, but supports offline caching for example: you can build your own tile map from OpenStreetMap and navigate completely offline. I also use GeOrg as a streetmap wherever I am.
    It’s definately worth a try. The developer is very responsive: when I started with the program I had an issue with the N1 touchscreen, which he sorted out within 2 days.

  • symbolicost

    Why us everyone crying about ten dollars? Its a one time payment for an awesome adventure that doesn’t end. Buck up and quit complaining, it makes my eyes sore.

  • Scout_man_deegs

    very curious if my geocache app will work on a global phone out of the country, please email me any info at … thanks much