Peapod Mobile Launches on Android

Peapod users rejoice!  The popular service has now launched a mobile app on Android.  If you’re not familiar with Peapod, it’s basically grocery shopping for people who are either too busy or too lazy to actually go shopping.  I fall into both these categories and have used Peapod religiously for 3 years.  Peapod releasing an app for Android basically completes all my grocery shopping wants and needs.  The Peapod Mobile app allows for pretty much everything you can do on their website and also picks up a few additional features.  I am in the midst of playing with it now and I must say its pretty slick.  A review will be forthcoming.  Peapod Mobile is available for free in the Android Market. Go get it! Hit the jump for a QR code or AppBrain install link.

Appbrain link

Source: Peapod via PRNewswire

Images courtesy of Appbrain and Peapod

  • The best part of the new mobile application Peapod is the ability to fully manage Peapod your account from your phone, including filling your grocery cart so desperately needs, testing, and delivery schedule for your child in the comfort of your smartphone. If you have already placed an order and you realize you're working late at night Peapod is scheduled to deliver, you can use your phone to reschedule the date of delivery or rapid, even if you do not have a computer nearby.