October 24, 2014

The Difference Between AMOLED and SLCD Screens

Remember a few months ago, when HTC decided to  stop using AMOLED screens because of shortages? And how they decided to switch to SLCD screens instead? Well, the guys over at Engadget have looked at the differences in SLCD and AMOLED screens on two HTC Desires. One Desire had an AMOLED, the other had a SLCD display. See below.

At first glance, there aren’t really any noticeable differences. But upon closer inspection, they found that the AMOLED still beats out the SLCD in terms of vibrancy and brilliance. However, the SLCD appears to have warmer tones, giving it better color definition than the AMOLED display. This is surprising, considering that AMOLED screens are almost the best money can buy, next to the Super AMOLED displays found on the Galaxy S phones. It looks like HTC made the right decision when it went with SLCD displays. Pretty damn close!

This observation begs the question: how many people will notice? Obviously, those of us in the Android community will always know, but will anyone in the consumer market really notice the difference between AMOLED and SLCD screens? Can you tell the difference? Does it bother you?

Source Engadget