The Difference Between AMOLED and SLCD Screens


Remember a few months ago, when HTC decided to  stop using AMOLED screens because of shortages? And how they decided to switch to SLCD screens instead? Well, the guys over at Engadget have looked at the differences in SLCD and AMOLED screens on two HTC Desires. One Desire had an AMOLED, the other had a SLCD display. See below.

At first glance, there aren’t really any noticeable differences. But upon closer inspection, they found that the AMOLED still beats out the SLCD in terms of vibrancy and brilliance. However, the SLCD appears to have warmer tones, giving it better color definition than the AMOLED display. This is surprising, considering that AMOLED screens are almost the best money can buy, next to the Super AMOLED displays found on the Galaxy S phones. It looks like HTC made the right decision when it went with SLCD displays. Pretty damn close!

This observation begs the question: how many people will notice? Obviously, those of us in the Android community will always know, but will anyone in the consumer market really notice the difference between AMOLED and SLCD screens? Can you tell the difference? Does it bother you?

Source Engadget


    • I have a Desire with S-lcd.

      I can’t tell you if the AMOLED is better or not in direct sunlight but I can tell you that using the S-LCD in sunlight can be a little challenging at times.

      The power problem presented by the S-LCD is serious enough that it does not deserve oversight in this article.

      I’ve recently watched a few youtube comparisons of these two Screen types for the Desire and S-LCD can appear washed out. After watching these videos it became fairly clear to me that I would have prefered the AMOLED.

      It’s hard to speak critically of the phone though. Over-all a grand device.

      Bring a spare battery or two if you plan on any substantial screen viewing.

  1. I’m in a real dilemma now. The latest official stock of HTC Desires for the Malaysian market has been confirmed to be of the S-LCD variety. I had waited for the stock to arrived, but it was the AMOLED version that I wanted.

  2. I just got a replacement Incredible.. and to be honest I cant really tell much a difference lol its still new so I’ll have to see what happens over time but yea, I cant really tell :p

  3. I think Samsung´s screen is better than LCD…

    It´s a pitty that they (Samsung) use to screw up the phone´s software.

    Even if they had a 3D Glassesless 142 inches Hologram screen, Samsung still being a NO NO!

  4. I purchased a new desire today, first thought what a great screen. Reason, I had returned a desire several months ago that had a screen tinted red to the left blue to the right, HATED IT! Got a Galaxy S instead. I realise I have an SLCD display, they seem brighter to me. Not as bright as Galaxy, but only just. Movies look better on SLCD, the Galaxy S is too dark, even at brighest, as black on SAMOLED gives no brilliance it looks odd. I think the SLCD is better in phones to be honest, the amoled looks outdated in fact, odd but I feel true.