Fused Glass Android Invasion!

Recently, when an email came across our inbox about 3D fused glass Google Androids, I was somewhat surprised. I thought it was a bit odd, but knew how many of us would love to have our own Android figurine. Now, thanks to someone very clever, we can!   Susan Myzer who is a fused glass artist, has created something just for us Android fans. When I scrolled through her site, it was full of very pretty pieces of glass that any wife, or mother would like. Never would I thought to see our beloved Android as a created piece. Neat.

Each of the glass Androids measure 4 1/4″ by 3 1/2″. Each one is hand-cut and tack-fused in a kiln. The android seen in the image above,  stands in a clear glass, fully fused base.   Susan’s art and Android figurines can be purchased on her website. There is also a contact form there for custom orders.

Thanks Susan for bringing more art to our Android community.

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  • Jim H

    I have one of the Android fused glass figures sitting on my desk right next to me. I received it as a gift. I like it! And it’s very artistic as well. I’ve gotten compliments from friends on it.

  • xarophti

    FYI, on the DyzPlastic figures, the original green will be available on a regular basis this fall through Andrew Bell’s Dead Zebra, Inc. online shop (he says), though the rest of Series 1 has been discontinued. (I grabbed a plain little green guy when he cleared out the last of Series 1). From his FAQ:

    •Well, what now? I still need some Androids!
    Well, good news! Standard Green Androids will be available on a regular basis starting this Fall, and we’ll definitely have some more Do It Yourself Androids back as well… along with some new and exciting things we can’t tell you about yet!
    •Will there be a Series 2?
    Yes! We’re already working on it! Look for a whole new set of Androids from a variety of artists in early 2011.