Leaked Documents Confirm T-Mobile End of Year Android Plans

Remember the alleged T-Mobile roadmap that leaked back in July?  Some of our readers (and other sites) didn’t think it was legit, while most of us believed it to be real.  Today finds another leak that basically confirms all the Android devices we saw listed.  TmoNews has obtained a pair of internal T-Mobile accessory listing that makes reference to multiple phones, some by their project names.  If you weren’t already doing it, start looking forward to Motorola Begonia, Motorola Jordan, LG Optimus T, and myTouch HD.

With the official announcement of the Motorola Defy, we can trim the list by one.  Which, we don’t know yet.  We also don’t know anything about a Dell Claire either.  Sounds fancy and exotic though, huh?  We’ll keep ya posted.

  • bryce

    So is the mytouch hd considered “project emerald”????

    • jdog

      Sadly I think so, I was really looking forward to a Nexus One successor but this isn’t it. 🙁

  • Oleg

    so no 2.2 update for original and 1.2 mytouch 3g phones?. Great job t-mobile.

    • Sven

      I think T-Mobile myTouch phones, at least 3G Slide, are supposed to get 2.2 later this fall.

    • xarophti

      I don’t think this roadmap refers to updates, only new hardware. I’ve seen speculation that the “no phone left behind” promise still stands and that we might see Froyo in November…

  • Drew

    I’m so holding my breath that the My Touch HD is really the Desire HD… here’s hoping…

  • xarophti

    I’m hoping for an HTC touchscreen (NO HARD KEYBOARD, PLEASE) with at least a 1 GHz processor maybe next year?

  • NDog

    I called T-Mobile a month or so ago to ask about the 2.2 update for myTouch (since that is what I have) and they had no idea what I was talking about. After being put on hold so they could ask around they told me that Google has to make it and send it out to the phones. Which is not true and I told the man this and that Google releases the code and that T-Mobile is supposed to customize it how they please and send it to phones. After being put on hold again I was told that 2.2 was already pushed to myTouch phones but there were issues with those that received the update so they pulled the update. Another lie.

    I think T-Mobile employees have no idea what Android is and have no idea about updates.

  • I don’t give a crap what T-Mobile does anymore LOL….. at least not until August of 2011 because that is when my current contract expires and I promised myself I’m not buying another phone before my contract expires.

    I always buy new phones before my contract expires and I have wasted so much money doing that. Besides my first generation MyTouch 3G still serves good purposes and I’m sure I can painfully deal with it until T-Mobile gets something really really cool.

    • NDog

      My myTouch is terrible. I got it the day it came out and I get multiple FCs for Home (the stock home) a day, 20 seconds to load home, 30 swipes to bring down my notification bar, keyboard that lags so bad I can’t type on it, takes 3+ minutes to open up the market and go to my downloads, and so much more.

  • SC

    I received a newsletter from Tmo stating “no phone left behind”meaning the old Mytouch before 35mm jack and the newer ones. I want to be able to all apps on my memory stick before getting the new phone.

    I will be really bummed if that isn’t going to be possilbe, however I have the Fender and I’m loving the 16GB that it came with.