October 20, 2014

Leaked Documents Confirm T-Mobile End of Year Android Plans

Remember the alleged T-Mobile roadmap that leaked back in July?  Some of our readers (and other sites) didn’t think it was legit, while most of us believed it to be real.  Today finds another leak that basically confirms all the Android devices we saw listed.  TmoNews has obtained a pair of internal T-Mobile accessory listing that makes reference to multiple phones, some by their project names.  If you weren’t already doing it, start looking forward to Motorola Begonia, Motorola Jordan, LG Optimus T, and myTouch HD.

With the official announcement of the Motorola Defy, we can trim the list by one.  Which, we don’t know yet.  We also don’t know anything about a Dell Claire either.  Sounds fancy and exotic though, huh?  We’ll keep ya posted.