Samsung Media Hub to Feature Next-Day TV Shows, Movies, and Device Sharing


Today in New York, Samsung announced the launch of the Samsung Media Hub.  The service, which features Next-Day TV Shows, Movies, and sharing (for up to 5 media hub enabled  devices), will be available for Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S devices.   At this point, Samsung has MTV, NBC, Paramount, Universal Studios, and Warner as partners, with more content providers to be announced. At this point, no word on pricing, but hopefully we will get that soon.

Stay tuned folks.

Source: Engadget


    • I live in florida and was awaiting media hub to launch. Sprint and Samsung have no idea when we will be able to get it. I am a Sprint Epic user and found a way to get it. Go and do a master reset under settings> privacy>Factory data reset. When the phone resets you will get a notification to update device when this happens you will get the Media hub and can begin to use. Good luck hit me up if you have any issues.