Samsung Releases Fascinate Source Code into the Wild

It’s becoming increasingly common for a hardware manufacturer to release the source code to their handsets.  HTC does it all the time, most recently with their Droid Incredible and EVO 4G.  Samsung has done exactly that with their new Fascinate handset from Verizon.  Putting this code out there for everyone makes it possible for crafty developers to put together some excellent ROMS.  You know, for the modding community.  Download the Fascinate source code at  Just do a quick search for SCH-i500 and you’re on your way.

  • Chule

    SCH-i500 is the Fascinate?! I had two SPH-i500 phones over the course of 5 years on Sprint. It’s like Samsung is reading my mind to know what features cause me to chase their phones! I hope this source code release will allow the 3.5mm analog TV out feature which the Vibrant sports.