December 22, 2014

U.S. Samsung Galaxy Tablets Will Not Have Voice Capabilities

With all the good news I heard today about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I forgot to mention the bad news.  Samsung just confirmed in the Q&A that voice capabilities were straight-out removed from the Tab for the US market.  Basically, this means that you won’t be making phone calls on the Galaxy Tab. This is very disappointing.  This definitely removes some of the value for me.

Overall, I would think this would make swallowing a 2-year contract a bit more difficult for some.  I also have to wonder about what affect this will have on the cost to.

Does this news mean your less likely to buy the Galaxy Tab? Let us know below!

Source: Engadget

  • LiberateMe

    No voice no deal. Looks as if Americans are just expected to fund the rest of the worlds technical solutions. Ready to just dump the whole idea and just go back to a land phone an pager for about $20 a month. Hell I can BUY a GPS for $99 with no recurring fee. Truly an example of the same protectionism we are allegedly not allowed to practice in the US. Perhaps we should ask Apple to turn off 3G for non American iPads. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Darrell

    I was going to buy the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab…. WAS. No phone capability? What is the point?

  • Bethany

    Had my mind made up i was buying the galaxy tab then found out ya couldnt make phone calls so im buying the evo instead

  • Richard P

    I was seriously looking at buying one of these for my next phone. It would have fit my needs perfectly with the capability of using it as a phone. Now forget it, keep the useless thing. Samsung must be out of their collective mind to do this.

  • Darnell

    Try the ideos s7 it comes unlocked for any carrier it’s a 7″ android tablet with voice and only $299

    • jeff ching

      Does not have real phone I called Best buy. Only skype

  • Ben

    Tmobile just lost my business! They are using the same device in Europe and Asia as a phone. Why not here?! What would I do with this for a 2 year contract? I would have loved this as a phone too

  • jeff ching

    Just plain GREED is why they do not have voice and phone. GREED makes them stupid too
    Went to buy one no phone no $ from me. Lots of late 50s and 60’s people just use phone occasionally that would buy that do not have cell phones. They are teckies that think teckies but older people are a large untapped market that teckies do not consider.

  • rachel

    WILL NOT BUY. What a rip off! For that price rather get the evo. Or better yet, just make phone calls from my laptop.

  • Terry

    I was set to buy one from Sprint next month i think its fabulous but i needed to do some kind of voice, at least Skpe. I have to cancel now…that’s definitely a deal breaker. My sample arguement being, if I run out of battery power on my Evo 4g at least in an emergency I can whip out the Galaxy Tab and use that. Now what would be the point. Its nothing more than a High School tech heads toy without voice capablities.

  • TD

    Samsung either just shot themselves in the foot or are exercising excellent business judgement in holding back voice capabilities. Of course it stops a lot like myself from buying but many will purchase the device and Samsung recoups some development expense. A second release I ama sure will have VOICE capabilities and then we all buy it AGAIN. But, WELL DONE Samsung. The device is a smash!!! When Voice is available I will Buy one.

  • Prgabrielcampos1

    If I buy a Galaxy tablet in Europe or South America with a phone capabilities, can I use in US, and activated the phone part using the same SIMS card from my smartphone ?

  • Vinodiva

    Absolutely. If I have to pay that mobility fee I need to make calls from it too.

  • Micky1101

    We wont buy it w/o phone capabilities, We need it for a trucker who is looking for larger screen for GPS and TV but smaller than a laptop. Currently have to carry 2 separate data plans one for the lap top and one for the phone. Would be wonderful to have one device, bluetooth capable, to do the job of 2 devices and plans.

  • Abrettelle

    This is such bs. I have the gal s smart phone now and would really love a tab with phone. I use blue tooth all the time so the size would never bother me. What’s up with this no phone? If they wanted to kill the ipad it would be sooo easy to do. Why the bs?

  • justme

    i would definitly buy it if it had voice, without voice i am not confident in it as a skype/google voice to give up the cell phone so for me it is a deal breaker, which bums me out a but because my cell plan is up and this is what i wanted

  • gabriel

    I saw that a Galaxy tablet have a phone capability in Europe and South America. If I buy one , can I use in USA normally ? does any one knows any problem ? It should be just stick the sim’s card and done .

  • Lostxwolfx

    I was going to purchase one today, but have changed my mind. No voice capablities = a no-go!

  • Smalleyes

    i am going to spend the extra $ on a BB playbook so i can make calls……. or more likely root it and add a call function via apps designed for a phone come on folks is rooting really that much of an off put?

  • Yengwa34


  • Yengwa4

    I have european verson with the phone is awesone, I hardly ever use my laptop anymore and its unlocked, you should be able to get it on amazon, the only thing is, i cant get the WIFI to work when Im in the US

  • Darth G

    that is bullshit … why did we get cornholed in the US market?

  • Mempasco

    I will not be buying a tablet, would be nice but has to make phone calls and receive them.

  • Quique Labrada

    That sucks ballz

  • rodney

    Why doesn’t anyone ever say WHY they won’t enable the voice in the U.S.  I don’t understand why they aren’t doing it, unless they want to milk the smaller smart phones for all they are worth first.