U.S. Samsung Galaxy Tablets Will Not Have Voice Capabilities

With all the good news I heard today about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I forgot to mention the bad news.  Samsung just confirmed in the Q&A that voice capabilities were straight-out removed from the Tab for the US market.  Basically, this means that you won’t be making phone calls on the Galaxy Tab. This is very disappointing.  This definitely removes some of the value for me.

Overall, I would think this would make swallowing a 2-year contract a bit more difficult for some.  I also have to wonder about what affect this will have on the cost to.

Does this news mean your less likely to buy the Galaxy Tab? Let us know below!

Source: Engadget

  • Josh

    So does this mean no Market?

    • I have data only on my Samsung Vibrant, no voice plan, and I use the android market, IM, SMS/MMS, email and web browsing quite well.

      • Deus Invictus

        I don’t think you understood Ian. The Market only works on Google approved Android devices. Since Android isn’t officially for tablets(yet) the only tablets that have been given Google approval for their apps, Market, Mail, Maps, etc, were tablets that could also make phone calls and were arguably “phones”. With the voice capabilities removed he is concerned the US version won’t get approval.

        • Ah, didn’t know that. Well, that sucks. I’ll have to keep an eye on tablets from now on.

        • Jefferey Al

          Deus, you’re right!! I bought a ZenPad 4 which is not Approved Google device and cannot use the apps, Market, Mail, Maps, etc…:(

    • slbailey1

      It has the Android Market. I guess Google made an exception for the Galaxy Tab, since it will be the only Android tablet from a major company for the holidays.

      I don’t understand people wanting to use a TABLET of this size as a phone!

      • Kim

        I would LOVE a tablet/cell phone hybrid! I want a huge display so I can actually see the thing without my glasses. I don’t want both a tablet and a cell phone.

        • Bill

          I agree, I was so excited to think it all so made phone calls…just what I was looking for… I guess they lost another sale

      • M

        Hello use a wireless headset. The device is bluetooth enabled.

      • Rob

        Perhaps only the Euro models have the Market, since Samsung just announed the no-phone in the US bit. Would serve Samsung right.

      • Lijah

        I dont understand either; EVERYONE… THE TAB DOES HAVE ANDROID MARKET! This article was posted by an disappointed person.

  • I know this may be bad news for some, but for us hearing impaired folks it makes no difference. I don’t have a voice plan on my Samsung vibrant (data only) and the monthly bill is much lower – $50.00/month. On second thought, this may indeed be good news for folks who want a lower monthly bill. My monthly bill was $92.00/month before I removed the voice plan, so there’s a definite difference.

  • Jeremy

    No voice and no wifi. Archos is looking better and better…

    • bemymonkey

      No WIFI???? Source?

      I never had any interest whatsoever in buying one of these things, but what good is an Android device without WiFi?

      • Jasper

        I think he means no wifi ONLY version. iPad offers both an 3G version AND a version that comes with wifi only (and no 3G). The Galaxy Tab in the US will apparently only offer a version that comes with both wifi and 3G.

        Personally that’s not a concern to me, but the lack of a phone call-enabled version is a total deal killer.

  • texashippie

    OH-NO..I’ve been watching and waiting for this tablet; one device to do it all..
    I own a Nook, netbook, phone and iPod; absolutely NO REASON to buy an iPad.
    I’m so disappointed..I won’t be buying this either;

  • Wildeye001

    I am so pumped about dropping voice – it is not the MO of a tablet to be a phone… I want to se a much smaller monthly fee and I will tell you why – I get my phone service for free from work… I dont need a phone enabled tablet – I have my blackberry. what I need is a lower priced contract! so that is what im hoping – sub 500 base cost and maybe 3 benjamins a year worth of contract.

  • tekrhino

    Even w/no voice capabilities, VOIP would still be available w/VONAGE app via wi-fi for free calls in USA. Maybe even Google Voice also? Sounds like an ok deal dependant on pricing of the device.

    Side note:

    Camera could’ve been better, at least 5MP would’ve been nice and an FM Tuner would’ve been nice too but TUNEIN radio will suffice I suppose. No 4G either? The price better be worth it!!

  • JakeL

    Less likely to buy?

    I just went from definately planning to buy, to WILL NOT BUY.

    I wanted a single device – phone and tablet.

    Obviously this is not that device.

    The Dell Streak isn’t ready, not with Android 1.6, not with AT&T Exclusive.

    I’ll just have to wait longer for someont to get it right, or grab a Euro version of the Tab, and see if it can be used with a prepaid carrier.

    At least Europe will lead the way here – I think the promise of a tablet is only realized if its that device that you actually have with you, when you need it. And if its a carry everywhere device – then why bother also having a phone? It’s only a second device at that point that only does the same thing – except with a tiny screen.

    • ronstew

      Agree. Completely agree.

      I can only hope that the Dell Streak has a decent carrier if/when it comes to Canada.

  • Guags

    This wouldn’t change my opinion much. Very unlikely that I would buy it under contract anyway. I’d buy it straight up like I would buy a laptop.

  • RobD

    Why are some of you ‘pumped’ about it dropping voice as an option?

    It’s not like you were ever going to be forced to use voice, you are excited other people have less choices?

    I mean to the deaf gentlemen you dropped voice from your current phone, you could have dropped it from the Tab as well.

    No reason to be excited over fewer choices and less options – even if you didn’t plan to use that option, it benefits you in no way, that it was removed.

    This is the carriers acting in collusion – I hope the government investigates, it is so obviously not a competitive marketplace in the U.S. – and colluding to bring about lack of competition is actually illegal – even if rarely enforced.

    All 4 dropped voice, across the board…..DO THE MATH.

    • Emily

      Actually it was Samsung’s choice to not bring the voice over, so the carriers didn’t have a choice in the matter.

      If they didn’t have a choice how are they “acting together”?

    • M

      AMEN THANK YOU. This is the providers trying to force us to keep two devices
      when we could have used one. I am so mad I could $&_#$_#$_$!$_!!

  • If there is no voice then what is the use of having a Facetime like chat in this Tab? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Chris Simon

    This makes sent. It will be the perfect platform for Google Voice and chat, saving you the cost and hassel of ANOTHER phone number.

  • Carl

    Samsung what are you thinking? I couldn’t wait to to trade in a phone for one device that did it all better than my iphone (I which love.) I am so disappointed.

    • Jasper

      I doubt it was Samsung’s thinking that led to this decision. My guess is this is the deal forced on Samung by the US carriers as the price of admission into the market for their new device. The carriers, it would appear, want US consumers to get in the habit of having to pay for multiple subscriptions (ie., one for tablet service and one for phone).
      Simply put, they’re evil.

  • Matty B

    Yet the Samsung web page shows someone wearing a Bluetooth earpiece looking like they are making a call. Hmmmm…a little misleading.

  • BobB

    If voice is out on all four carriers, they should be smacked hard by the government.

    On the other hand, the GP is looking less and less appealing:

    It’s basically the same price as the iPad, but with a smaller, lower resolution screen.

    Super AMOLED would have justified the price, but the TFT they have in it now is cheaper and noticeably crappier than the iPad’s IPS screen.

    Battery life is shorter than the iPad, as well (I have a Vibrant, which barely lasts 24 hours).

    Seriously, I don’t understand what Samsung is thinking.

  • Nick D

    I was looking forward to buying it until you mentioned no voice. I am no longer interested.

  • brie987

    Was on the rooftop sort of with this but the idea of ANOTHER plan is stupid, no phone, take it or leave it but would be nice to have as an option, so definitely no. Now my heart is with Notioninks’ Adam *swoon*. I think Ill just wait. Samsung Tab? No thank you, I have the Vibrant, this is enough till December or Jan 2011.

  • Jamie

    I think voice is inconsequential as it’s a tablet, not a phone. I don’t want to have to either a) have two phones or b) carry around a tablet sized phone. I have always wanted a phone to be a phone and a tablet to be an easy to use portable computer/web browser. So I don’t see what all the huff is about.

    Anyway, I was never planning on buying one in the first place because it’s only a 7″ screen. I’m hanging out for something that REALLY rivals the iPad and whatever that is MUST have a 10″ screen and be just as thin as well as have all the options. Having USB ports would be a bonus too.

    • Jasper

      *******I don’t want to have to either a) have two phones or b) carry around a tablet sized phone. …So I don’t see what all the huff is about.******

      Well, the “fuss” is because not everybody thinks like you do.

      Obviously not everyone is willing to carry around a larger device — to each his own. However, pretty clearly there are also substantial numbers of folks who want a larger screen and more robust features than to be found in an iPhone-sized smart phone, and who ARE willing to carry around something a bit larger, because for them that is easier than carrying around MULTIPLE devices.

      By forcing such potential customers to carry multiple devices because of the lack of phone call capacity, Samsung and/or the US cell carriers are leaving a lot of potential business on the table. I think this move will backfire.

  • Jeff

    I have to admit, I really wanted this device. I’m the lone t-mobile holdout in my family and now they all have Evos. I have the vibrant but of course, t-mobile decided not to include the galaxy s front facing camera. This would have allowed me to video call with loved ones. Now it’s just a smaller ipad. T-mobile and Samsung just lost my money. I say we tell the companies how we feel with our wallets.

  • bstr

    Sipdroid it will have to be then. Since adopting a Google Voice number as my primary, the need to talk on my cell (Droid, and now Fascinate) has become very minimal. When at work, my desk phone rings. When at home, the PC/Mac rings. I can get by just fine. In the car or while out, Sipdroid will do… especially if the cost is only $30/mo.

    • cnico

      bstr… is this all done via wireless?

      That’s fine if you’re always w/i reach of wifi… not so good if you’re not.

      I was really counting on this as a phone I could use to replace my pre. Guess not.

      Fail Samsung and Sprint (and the other colluding carriers)…

      • bstr

        cnico, the Tab will have 3G data capabilities (CDMA/GSM radio). This is why wireless carriers are selling them. They just won’t have traditional calling capabilities, which should actually make the service cheaper.

  • ken mckean

    Will NOT be buying unless it has full voice/telcom facilities here in the UK also sad to learn that Samsungs media services are USA only – rather knocks what looked a brilliant device on the head…..oh and its only 2.2 with promises………….!

  • ken mckean

    Re JakeL’s comment re Dell Streak. I have it running 2.1 – if they go to 2.2 it will become a really good bit of kit – as it is it’s resonably good. I also have the Nexus as a comparison so not a complete novice!

  • Dave A

    Without voice, doesn’t it just become a smaller, and if you buy off contract a more expensive iPad? Just when the world of Android seemed to be hitting top speed the steering fails…

  • cananyoneherewrite

    “too”, “you’re”

    • Will Moody

      This, dammit. The amateurish reporting on this site is really making me consider jumping ship.

  • Mwa

    Without Voice – Thumbs down all the way and I will not be purchasing this tablet afterall.

  • j.d

    “without voice” will last about 60 seconds after the release of this tablet. Why? It’s a samsung and they hacked the Galaxy S as soon as it was released. I’m certain Samsung does this on purpose (“oops, well we made reasonable efforts to secure the system”) then goes on to sell millions of systems.

  • chefgon

    This is FANTASTIC news!

    Inclusion of voice capabilities was one of the main things preventing me from buying this tablet. I can’t believe that you were actually looking forward to paying $30 a month for a voice plan when you already have a phone in your pocket.

  • sat

    I’m not sure what exactly that means … I wasn’t planning on using it as a cell phone. But if they took out the mic so I can’t make VOIP calls via wifi, they can keep it then. I’ll wait for HTC or ASUS tablet.

  • John Lane

    I do not intend to use a slate (such as Galaxy Tab) with 3G service, so lack of voice capability is not an issue for me. That’s what my cell phone is for. I do plan on using it with Wifi services either at home or public. So if I have to purchase through a carrier, that is a non-starter for me.

  • Lance H

    Google voice/video capable? need wi fi only? or the deal breaks.

  • RoTo

    I’m sure Samsung took the voice away to give the customers more choice. See if only Verizon and AT&T took the voice away then the customers would only have Sprint and T-Mobile to choose from. Now that all four are “dumb”, then the customers are free to choose any European variant they want.

    That’s how a “free” market works, innovation, competition, rendition.

  • mechanical bro

    I also agree with the no voice thing…. I mean I want a tablet not an oversized phone. People are talking about they were considering swapping there phone for the tab if it had voice. But let me ask this, if u had a phone that big were would u keep it? U would have to carry it in some sort of small carring case or bag of soe sort. The convience of a cell phone is for ur pocet, hip, and other easy places to store it. With this tab u would be more liable to drop it anyways. I would surely hope no one would walk around with this thing to their ear……. and don’t mention “oh we have bluetooth” who wants to have to use a blutooth EVERY time they use the phone? Or wat about wen ur charging ur blutooth? It would be jus toooo many problems

    • Jasper

      *****But let me ask this, if u had a phone that big were would u keep it?******

      Again, I realize some people will be put off by the size of the Galaxy Tab, but some people won’t be. Depends on one’s lifestyle. I’d want to check out the Tab in person, but I suspect it would fit in my back pocket. Also, I often wear cargo pants with deep side pockets, or else I carry a messenger bag.

      But yeah, if you like to travel real light, the Tab is not a great option. Unfortunately, without voice, it’s not an option for me, either, because it’ll force me to carry around two devices.

      • RoTo

        Some people cannot see beyond their own experiences. And if they don’t have enough their understanding is very limited.

        That’s why “choice” is such an important concept. Give people all the choices because no one can ever foresee everybody’s needs or wants.

        “When you limit the choices you force people to see it ‘your’ way”. – Steve Jobs, in a rare frank moment.

  • mechanical bro

    A phone is a phone a tablet is a tablet…….they were categorized in two different sections for a reason

  • Giorgis Trabakoulas

    Geez what a waist overpriced and crippled, so much for sticking it to apple.
    Devices like this are a paradime shift. Offcourse you need voice. This device can stick in a hand bag, and you can use a tiny blutooth device to make calls. Offcourse you could replace your phone with this. Now it is crippled !! That better not mean no Skype or gtalk … that would mean stay away from Smsung, you would never be able to trust they are open again.

  • Andrew Dowden

    *This device can stick in a hand bag, and you can use a tiny blutooth device to make calls.*

    Hehe, can’t wait to see all you American men walking round with handbags…. lol!

  • K4

    I am even more likely to get this if I only have to commit to a 2yr data contract. Why should I have to have a voice plan when I already have a phone that EASILY fits into any pocket.

    • Lijah

      I agree, I dont care at all for the voice plan!

  • david

    I was planning to buy one, thinking that it would be worth the 2 yrs contract, but wait, I have to sign 2 contracts now, one for a tablet and another for the phone!!!?? that’s ridicules!! Now, I’m definilty not buying the Galaxy Tab, however I might go for a Dell Streak now!! That was a stupid move from whoever decided no voice calls with the Tab!!!!!!!

  • FarceQ

    Was planning on buying the Galaxy Tab. However, without voice capability, I’ll be looking for another option.

  • Clint Cartee

    Well there goes that hope for me and getting rid of the Droid X. This was what I was going to go to. I cant beleive they will not make it able to make calls in the US. THANKS VERIZON, THANKS SPRINT, THANKS T MOBILE, THANKS US CELLULAR, THANKS ATT!!

  • Martin Krischik

    I don’t live in the US – so it make no difference to me. Where I live you can buy the iPhone without SIM card strait from he Apple shop.

    But I have a hint for you: I am sure that canadian online shops will gladly deliver an international Galaxy Tab to you.

    If I can’t get something here in Switzerland I buy it in Germany. Just the same as Germans buy SIM free iPhones in Switzerland.

    Swallow your pride and buy abroad.


  • mason

    I went from contacting my local tmo stores manager asking when they would be in so I could come in that day and pick one up, to asking her not to call me aout the Tab delivery because it will not function as a phone, therefore I will not be purchasing one.

  • Eric Jacobson

    I am so very much disappointed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will NOT have US phone capabilities. Hopefully they will launch a second version or upgrade that will have this feature. Pulling out the voice capabilities was not too wise in my opinion. You just lost a sale Samsung. I am NOT alone….

    • Thulsa Doom

      Such a waste! Let them drown in lakes of blood!

      Crucify them on the tree of Woe!!

  • Ron


  • Dell and Samsung can suck it

    Voice is the killer application! A consumption device that can not compete with the ipad. No one is going to hold this thing to their head like Miami Vice!

    A true multitasker with 3g and a phone with bluetooth or wired headset is a game changer for the mobile worker or business traveler. Real estate, HVAC, Plumbers, nurses, doctors, anyone who is on their feet or in and out of their car. This device is a game changer with voice.

    Without voice let’s be realistic can it compete with the IPAD? I doubt it.

  • Mac

    Nice going, Samsung. I just deleted four Tabs from the Christmas list this year.

  • Greg. Greulich

    I will absolutely not be buying Samsung Galaxy tablet if no voice service. I refuse to carry 2 devices around, and there is no way I am going to commit to a 2 year contract just for data and no voice. I think it’s a huge mistake on Samsung’s part.

  • Trevor

    I already have a fascinate, and i love it and i thought well if only it was bigger. Well then i saw the tab. Phone, plus everything my Fascinate does, now they take away the voice capabilities!!! Why would i want 2 different android devices??? I would have given up my fascinate for it with the phone, but now i have to have a phone so i have to choose my Fascinate. Thanks Alot Samsung for taking away my dream phone!!!

  • richard

    at first i was gonna buy the dell streak cause it had a bigger screen than others–then came the samsung galaxy tab with phone capabilities. at least thats what was bantered about at the beginning. so i’m all hyped up cause i’m gonna buy myself a big assed phone so i can have a phone, i touch, laptop all in one. NOW I HEAR THAT SCRATCH THE PHONE FEATURE. i’ll either go back to the dell or wait for another tablet with phone features. soooooooo sad

  • Lijah

    This article is a very poor representation for the Galaxy Tab and misinformed. Google has given the green light for the use of the Android Market! Personally it does not bother me at all that the device does not have the phone. I don’t want to carry around a gigantic phone.

  • Jeff

    I was so looking forward to this device to replace my phone and have a nice large screen. At the expected price I positiely will not be buying one.

  • Oaktree821

    I also was truly disappointed. I wanted a device that was going to do it all in one and had been waiting with baited breath for this tablet. I will only buy a European unlocked or wait for a U.S. unlock to pop up.

  • Yvette

    The only reason I was excited about the Tablet was the phone.
    I wanted to have everything I need on one device. I could do everything with phone and the
    Tablet combined. This news makes me sad and no longer interested. I can continue to lug around my lap top and my phone everywhere. What’s the point Samsung? You were on the cutting edge,
    and now you’re no different than an IPAD.

  • Phil D

    I too was really interested in the Galaxy Tab BECAUSE of the phone! It made this gizmo better than ALL the other ‘pads’ and I didn’t have to carry around 2 things ( phone and pad )
    It’s really disappointing that 10 years ago we dreamed of really cool gadgets like this and now that they can be built… its POLITICS that determines weather we can get them or not!
    What a shame… I will NOT be buying one of these.. that fact that you built it and DIDN’T deliver it makes you worse than apple. I would really like to know why? but then I probably would be even more disappointed… Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

  • Kris S

    No phone, do deal… Another lost sale from me..

  • Matt

    no phone no deal

  • William W

    No phone no deal is right. I want to upgrade my Droid to this new device, but alas I won’t be adding to a smartphone and laptop with this. WE WANT ONE DEVICE FOR IT ALL SAMSUNG.

  • no phone no deal, too…..I’m from Hong Kong. But I’m sure geeks from the mainland China can handle that. They made an accessory that can make an iphone touch do voice calls…..speechless

  • Jarvis

    This is really going to be a loss of profit for the Samsung market upon their new tablet. I think first its unfair that the units have already been released elsewhere and in another complaint, the other countries will have the phone on their unit and we won’t. It is not right.

  • Dan Ech


  • reallywantedone

    I’ve been saving my $ for this and now I guess the $ will be going somewhere else. The phone feature for me was a must. Now, I’m leaning toward buying an ipad – too bad for me and too bad for Samsung.

  • Toby

    Man thats too bad. I was really excited about this Tab and one of the reasons was the phone feature. Samsung, i dont know what the hell you guys are thinking about with all the android phones out there to from and you guys pull a stunt like this. I guess i’ll go with the original plan a save up for the Evo.

  • Shawn

    I wanted the Galaxy tab to make phone calls and to find out I cant get one in america with the feature is heart breaking!!!!!! Is there any way to get one with it?

  • bmichael

    Ditto. FINALLY it looked like we were going to see a good all-one-device with a larger screen with good resolution, and then no voice. Not because it’s not capable, but because the carriers want to charge us for access on more than one device. I expect this sort of thing from Apple and their ridiculous restrictions with their strategic partners, which is why I refuse to buy their products even though they are usually pretty awesome. Sad. Definately a deal breaker for me. We’ll get one smart hardware/carrier combo eventualy that ‘gets it’.


    It is all about cannibalizing their phone market products. I will not buy any tablets without a phone! The company that comes out with the first phone and tablet will be justly awarded by the masses that are hungry for this product.

  • Stuart

    No voice, no choice! I ALSO wanted a single large device that could be used for navigation, surfing, mail, applications AND calling. This “tab” was on my list until they announced the neutering of the device for the US market. Please reconsider, your European version of the “tab” is a stand out device, not the same-old we received!

  • AH

    I was really looking forward to buying the Samsung Tablet. No voice call capability makes this and all tablets useless. I Will not buy it!

  • AH

    I was really looking forward to buying the Samsung Tablet. No voice capability makes ths tablet useless. Need to be able to place & receive phone calls. I’ll just keep using my laptop, for browsingthe internet.

  • carlos

    no voicecalls no deal!!!!

  • James Butler

    Samsung you really messed up this time!
    I will not be buying the tab until it has a functioning phone.

  • I just want to let you know, Im searching for a pad that has phone capabilities. My boss has vision degeneration and this was great until i found out that there is no voice? what the Heck? Samsung i never bought anything from you and now i know i will not. Googdluck selling to 1million ppl instead of 2million.

  • Heyne

    No way…pay that money for no phone capabilities?….I will keep my blackberry….and BTW AT&T charges more than anyone else for this pad….For- get – it

  • Alma

    definitely! I was primed to purchase the tablet and I talked to t-mo today. they confirmed that there is no phone capabilities on this model. I backed out of the purchase. only thing that attracted me was the fact I could have it all in one device without carrying two or three seperate devices… I thought ‘Finally, someone got it right!”
    guess not. back to searching for my next phone with bigger screen for my ‘not so young eyes’

  • NO Way!!! It (the excitement) was all about the phone! It turns out to be just another sell game. They’ve got the tech. You’ve got four phone carriers in line to sell it with their services. You’ve got the webcam. Everything but the phone feature which is available in Europe and Asia. The one we are waiting for will come out later for a higher price.
    Description of the pad I am waiting for…
    *Phone with bluetooth and voice recog dialing.
    *7 inch size with removable dashboard mount feature.
    *GPS with Garmin
    *Android Apps capable
    You get the picture. It’s the one unit to do all you need it to do. The one that eliminates the laptop, the basic pad, the GPS and the phone.
    You Electrowizzes can do it, now just do it.

    • That’s exactly what I’m waiting for also. I was so freaking excited when this came out and then was so freaking disappointed when I found out that you couldn’t make phone calls with it…Only in America though!!!! That particular phrase now has new meaning to me.

  • luckystriker

    Wow, I feel sorry for you guys in the US. I can’t believe Samsung would be so foolish as to remove the phone capabilities. I live in Asia and the Tab has replaced both my phone and my netbook. It freaking rocks.

  • wdu

    I bought the device with the idea that one of the online voice or video calling services would work with it. That does not seem likely so this device will be returned. It’s sad and I’m sure it is hurting sales of the device. Maybe Samsung and the carriers will realize this and enable the phone sooner rather than later.

  • Arjun Reddy

    No phone, no deal. Clear and simple.
    I have been waiting for past 4 years refusing to upgrade my samsung blackjack for a smart phone because I was waiting for an all in one device like Galaxy Tab. With out a phone, this thing is DOA. Samsung and the horrible phone companies who are dictating the terms, shame on you and you deserve to lose. I will again wait for that all in one portable device how ever long it takes.

  • David

    Not allowing video calling is an OUTRAGE!!!

  • John chapman

    No phone no deal

  • April

    Crud….was hopeful….
    Nope, will not buy a pad that does not have phone capacity….a one-device sorta girl am I!

  • Huzzl3r

    Being in the US really sucks….but I bet my a** this is not just Samsung’s decision.

  • Don

    No Phone = No Deal.

    In today’s news, 1 Million sold. Who is dumb enough to buy it without this function?

    Why bother. It supposed to be a general purpose device. Without the phone it’s time look elsewhere.

  • John

    No Phone, No Deal….Dumb Dumb Dumb…


    Well, I liked the idea of a small, but powerful pocket tablet that can go pretty much anywhere. I purchased one, barely. I didn’t like the idea that I couldn’t make a simple cell call from it. Especially when there are other cheaper tablets which have voice capability.

    I originally, rejected it, however, the personally wi hub ability won me over . . . BARELY. However, I am VERY, VERY disappointed that the power that be prevented the U.S. version of the Galaxy with voice capability from being sold here.

  • JG

    give me a phone with it and you can name your price for the device. make it 4G on Sprint and have a phone (with BT), I will give you my iPod, my EVO, my iPad AND $600. I will also agree to a 2 year contract (with an upgrade option mid-term for full price) at a $150 per month for all you can eat everything. That’s $4200 for this thing with a few advancements. With just the phone turned on, I will give up my 64GB iPad and its AT&T service, my iPod and my EVO. I will pay $500 and would give $100 per month. wish someone would bring the solution we all need.

  • this is ridiculous, i was super excited about getting this phone, until i realized that its not even a phone at all, its just another stupid tablet only,and now im going to have to go back to the dumb dell streak thats not even true android…. Thanks alot samsung

  • Woulda bought one…

    I don’t get these corporate pricks! It’s senseless to have to carry around a cell phone and this the tablet. Dumb move on their parts. I know at least 5 other people who would have bought one on day one, myself included, if they could use it as a phone as well. The tab and a bluetooth headset would be ideal. I called SAMSUNG and was told it would be up to the carriers to request the cell feature and they haven’t so that’s why they’re not equipped…If you ask me that’s BS. I can’t see at least one of the carriers wanting the call feature from jump street not 6 months or a year later when people went elsewhere and bought a different tablet. I understand sometimes there are factors which come into play preventing or influencing these issues but I can’t imagine a viable one especially since they have the cell capabilities in europe.

    @many others…You said it best…”No phone, No deal!”

  • Tony R

    To all you NO PHONE NO DEAL ppl out there, you guys are really dumb.. Okay so the stupid tablet doesnt have EVERYTHING you have WANTED/IMAGINED. All those.. “I dont wan to carry more than one thing booo hoooo” Seriously? Okay so big effin deal that they removed voice capabilities. Are all of you really that MOBILE? If so then use a MOBILE PHONE. Its a TABLET not a MOBILE PHONE. Oh and you should be glad that they removed the function.. Can you imagine how stupid you would look holding a 7 inch object to your head? OH yes there is bluetooth but either way you still look like a tool. Also.. if you want a workaround use a voip program like skype or something. Or if you really really really want the damn phone then root the tablet and use it as a phone.. OH and try to find an all in one tablet with EVERYTHING.. it doesnt exist..

  • Richard House

    no phone… no deal… i read through all the comments and wasnt going to write anything until i came across one really moronic character… to paraphrase him : why would anyone want to put a 7in tablet to their ear to make phone calls?!….. ummm thats the point… with nickel poisoning from older phones and all sorts of studies done linking cancer to phones we were looking forward to the VIDEO calling.. remember it has two cameras… get it.. you hold the damn thing in front of you and make your call. or use bluetooth, your choice. the point is this was supposed to be the all in one device…. AND IT IS….. IN ASIA! what? does that even make sense? why oh why does our country claim to look for ways to save us money and then try to use every little tech spec to drain more pennies out of our pockets.. for example we have the tech to make a 4.0 version of something… anything… you choose…. but instead of doing it and charging a resonable price we decide instead to build a hundred different versions over a period and charge for each.. for example.. starting with releasing version 1.0 then 1.1 then 1.2 all the way to the original 4.0 raping us of money we worked so hard for. i will wait. and the first company to actually try to be usefull in bringing new tech to us will definatly get my business. until then… JUST SAY NO!
    Samsung. you disappoint me.

  • dale

    Not getting one then

  • Why

    Does anybody know why Samsung made this dumb decision?

    • Sa Welch

      It is unlikely that this was a Samsung decision. It is the US market wanting the ability to feed us the technology bit by bit to keep us replacing products year after year. And boy, does it work?

  • Kinsly

    I hate to beat a dead horse but 98.9 of everyone here is right samsung. I am not materialistic and am not easily dazzled by shiny new toys, that and I like simplicity you see and I saw this in your product. A device to end all my other devices. Get rid of my net book, my zune, and my blackberry for one tool that can easily do it all. Or is that point? To try and make people do impulse buys for nothing. Someone said it before but ill reiterate, TIMES ARE TOUGH! So you got a little lucky and found over a million idiots that did shell out almost a grand for this device. I’m not buying the whole, “its the carriers decision bit” large decisions like these are made as a whole and if anything, you could have left phone capabilities on and let each individual carrier decide to have the feature on or not. I am willing to bet this though, the carriers that did have it on would more then likely run straight over those who didn’t and in the end means more money for you. But that’s what its all about isn’t it, ISN’T IT!? Ill just have to wait it out again! -_-

  • disappointed again

    wow…i feel like i live in one of the more backwards countries and not the us. I can go anywhere else in the world and buy this WITH the phone features but if I buy it in us, I can’t?? WTF

    To Tony…not sure about you, but most of “us” use BT/headsets and don’t hold our phones up to our heads, lol! If you do, I’d love to see it, you must be a laugh a moment!

    As for Samsung and any deals with US cell phone companies, it’s too bad. I would have brought this in a flash… x 4 (I’ve got 4 accounts on the home account and we all wanted one).

    So, to reiterate, no phone, no deal. Guess we’re just doomed to be technologically disappointed in the US…. big business trumps innovation and choice once again.

  • tdub

    After all, that was the point of the 7″ form factor, right? So that you could slip it in your pocket/purse right in exactly the same place you used to place your cell phone?

    Kind of silly to expect me to carry around an android phone and this small form factor tablet. If it had the ability to make/receive calls, however, I would gladly trade in the android phone for this and extend my contract an additional two years.

    In short – no phone – no deal!

  • Goose

    My wife has early stages of Glaucoma, and even the newer smart phones are a bit difficult for her to use. A tablet with a bluetooth device would be perfect. Wish the manufacterers would get off the dime and put cellular capability in these devises…would make them very attractive.

    • Sa Welch

      My guess – they will put phones in the tablets after enough of us buy them without phones. When the new tablets come with phones, we would get to buy the upgraded tablet. It is a money-only-making opportunity. This is the price of free enterprise. It really works well for those who have.

  • Macman

    Wow, overwhelming reaction to exactly what I wondered when I first saw it. Can I make calls. If so, this was finally going to be the tool I’ve been looking for since I first bought a PDA 7 years ago. There’s a big market out there, I hope one of these manufactures is listening. Step up and Get ‘er done!

  • nopad

    No Phone, no Deal! This is unreal! Why would they develop the technology then deprive themselves of all that business they’re losing without phone capabilities? I won’t be buying one of these Amero-rip offs either!

  • RON

    Today I was about to buy two of these tablets @ full price might I add. All I wanted was to get rid of our Evos and go with just one device. My girlfriend has a small business and I run a small trucking company, if this had the ability to make calls it would make life a whole lot easier for us… but like everyone else has said no phone no deal… I cant believe that in this economy providers are turning down our money… Silly Rabbits

    • Yvon

      Everyone! No need to be disappointed. I went on ebay and got my Samsung Tab, the European version with full phone features for about $700. Definitely, the US version is some kind of regional discrimination. Can’t understand who the stupid folks who made the decision to remove its phone features. There are plenty available outside the US… so grab yours as soon as you can. I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab…no more phone, laptop, eReader and GPS. All these now are in one unit…. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the iPhone killer!!!

      • reallywantedoneuntil…

        yeah- I saw some but they had no warranty

  • eddieblueeyes

    Yes I will stay with the laptop and blackberry. It would have been very convenient to have an all in one device. Currently the backberry is not allowed to act as a modem to the laptop – but now they have wi fi in the trains so the laptop can go on the internet without yet another “data plan”. I would say the cupidity not the stupidity are overwhelming.

    The big company folks are not stupid – they need to be very short sighted and protect their base. For example, you may be wondering why the US is the only country not on the metric system; and, you will still be wondering when the new owners arrive to take over.

  • Dave Davis

    I only use about 50 cell phone minutes a month but I don’t want to lug a second device around for those minutes.

    I’ve waited 64 years for a tablet PC with phone capabilities. A few more won’t hurt.

    No phone, no deal!

  • neyam

    guys! Don’t blame samsung. Is it obvious why only in the U.S. Samsung galaxy can’t have a phone? It is because Ipad is an American company. Apple won’t allow samsung to kill ipad in its own country.

    • Abrettelle

      You are probably soooo right.

  • Barbara

    I was very interested in this until I found no phone, that is the reason I wanted it. I want a large phone!!

  • LiberateMe

    No voice no deal. Looks as if Americans are just expected to fund the rest of the worlds technical solutions. Ready to just dump the whole idea and just go back to a land phone an pager for about $20 a month. Hell I can BUY a GPS for $99 with no recurring fee. Truly an example of the same protectionism we are allegedly not allowed to practice in the US. Perhaps we should ask Apple to turn off 3G for non American iPads. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Darrell

    I was going to buy the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab…. WAS. No phone capability? What is the point?

  • Bethany

    Had my mind made up i was buying the galaxy tab then found out ya couldnt make phone calls so im buying the evo instead

  • Richard P

    I was seriously looking at buying one of these for my next phone. It would have fit my needs perfectly with the capability of using it as a phone. Now forget it, keep the useless thing. Samsung must be out of their collective mind to do this.

  • Darnell

    Try the ideos s7 it comes unlocked for any carrier it’s a 7″ android tablet with voice and only $299

    • jeff ching

      Does not have real phone I called Best buy. Only skype

  • Ben

    Tmobile just lost my business! They are using the same device in Europe and Asia as a phone. Why not here?! What would I do with this for a 2 year contract? I would have loved this as a phone too

  • jeff ching

    Just plain GREED is why they do not have voice and phone. GREED makes them stupid too
    Went to buy one no phone no $ from me. Lots of late 50s and 60’s people just use phone occasionally that would buy that do not have cell phones. They are teckies that think teckies but older people are a large untapped market that teckies do not consider.

  • rachel

    WILL NOT BUY. What a rip off! For that price rather get the evo. Or better yet, just make phone calls from my laptop.

  • Terry

    I was set to buy one from Sprint next month i think its fabulous but i needed to do some kind of voice, at least Skpe. I have to cancel now…that’s definitely a deal breaker. My sample arguement being, if I run out of battery power on my Evo 4g at least in an emergency I can whip out the Galaxy Tab and use that. Now what would be the point. Its nothing more than a High School tech heads toy without voice capablities.

  • TD

    Samsung either just shot themselves in the foot or are exercising excellent business judgement in holding back voice capabilities. Of course it stops a lot like myself from buying but many will purchase the device and Samsung recoups some development expense. A second release I ama sure will have VOICE capabilities and then we all buy it AGAIN. But, WELL DONE Samsung. The device is a smash!!! When Voice is available I will Buy one.

  • Prgabrielcampos1

    If I buy a Galaxy tablet in Europe or South America with a phone capabilities, can I use in US, and activated the phone part using the same SIMS card from my smartphone ?

  • Vinodiva

    Absolutely. If I have to pay that mobility fee I need to make calls from it too.

  • Micky1101

    We wont buy it w/o phone capabilities, We need it for a trucker who is looking for larger screen for GPS and TV but smaller than a laptop. Currently have to carry 2 separate data plans one for the lap top and one for the phone. Would be wonderful to have one device, bluetooth capable, to do the job of 2 devices and plans.

  • Abrettelle

    This is such bs. I have the gal s smart phone now and would really love a tab with phone. I use blue tooth all the time so the size would never bother me. What’s up with this no phone? If they wanted to kill the ipad it would be sooo easy to do. Why the bs?

  • justme

    i would definitly buy it if it had voice, without voice i am not confident in it as a skype/google voice to give up the cell phone so for me it is a deal breaker, which bums me out a but because my cell plan is up and this is what i wanted

  • gabriel

    I saw that a Galaxy tablet have a phone capability in Europe and South America. If I buy one , can I use in USA normally ? does any one knows any problem ? It should be just stick the sim’s card and done .

  • Lostxwolfx

    I was going to purchase one today, but have changed my mind. No voice capablities = a no-go!

  • Smalleyes

    i am going to spend the extra $ on a BB playbook so i can make calls……. or more likely root it and add a call function via apps designed for a phone come on folks is rooting really that much of an off put?

  • Yengwa34


  • Yengwa4

    I have european verson with the phone is awesone, I hardly ever use my laptop anymore and its unlocked, you should be able to get it on amazon, the only thing is, i cant get the WIFI to work when Im in the US

  • Darth G

    that is bullshit … why did we get cornholed in the US market?

  • Mempasco

    I will not be buying a tablet, would be nice but has to make phone calls and receive them.

  • Quique Labrada

    That sucks ballz

  • Why doesn’t anyone ever say WHY they won’t enable the voice in the U.S.  I don’t understand why they aren’t doing it, unless they want to milk the smaller smart phones for all they are worth first.