EA is Ready for Some Android Love

It was bound to happen some time right?  With the explosive growth of Android recently, it was only a matter of time before the big gaming companies realized that Android could be a cash cow for them.  Electronic Arts seems to have come to this conclusion, according to an article over at pocketgamer.com.

EA CFO Eric Brown is quoted saying at the Deutsche Bank 2010 Tech Conference:

Brown cited a report stating that Android was expected to own 25 per cent of the smartphone market by 2014 compared to Apple’s 11 per cent. “There’s a lot to happen in the future in Android,” said Brown, “and we’re trying to position our mobile business to take advantage of that trend.”

With OpenFeint, id Software advertising and Unreal Engine 3 coming to the platform, it is going to be exciting to see how EA takes advantage.  More HD games for my Vibrant FTW!

  • rags711

    Happy gaming days will soon be here.

  • 🙂

  • RidoKilos

    I become more and more happy over my Vibrant… Every. Day.

  • Thomas

    Its about time!

  • There already exist some light gaming frameworks for Android. The one who ignore Android as a gaming platform and who intends to sell games will lose a lot of money!

  • Icon

    Great, hope EA’s games arent as buggy on android as they are on every other platform.