APPNATION: Wrap and Take Aways

The picture to the left is the Android Guys POD at APPNATION, which was my base of operations at APPNATION.

I am going to wrap up the coverage of the actual event with this short article.  I have a few more interviews from the event that I want to get punched out soon as well, but I want to get this out before too much time goes by.  Read on after the break!

In my Day 1 report, I gave you the overview of my experience at APPNATION, so go back and read that if you want to get the general look and feel of the event.

Here is the list of take aways that I have from the event.  Remember, I attended as press, attendee and moderator/speaker, I literally did everything you can do (and have the bags under my eyes to prove it lol)

  • If you can go to a conference as a dev, this is the one to go to.  The sheer support from companies like Samsung, Get Jar and others is worth going to the EXPO part of the event at the least.
  • The value of the contacts that can be made during an event like this is priceless in my opinion.  I met some great people, all of which were open for collaboration in the near future.
  • Make sure to print WAY more than 50 business cards for conferences like these lol.
  • Big Execs do NOT understand Android.
  • The Moscone Center is HUGE and easy to get turned around in.  (yeah, I ended up across the street from the event, but NO idea how it happened)
  • Apps really are the way we interface with the internet now, mobile computing has brought about “net 3.0”.  We MUST adapt or be left behind.
  • People WILL pay for apps, if the price is right, or the value is apparent in the app.
  • There is a schism in Android developers about the dev process on Android. Some say it is great, some say it is a pain.  The common denominator to tell why?  The ones who have devved for iPhone almost always say that Android is harder.
  • Big business cannot ignore Android forever, and at some point are going to have to admit that it will be their biggest source of revenue stream for their media content.
  • A cab ride from the San Fran airport should take 22 minutes.  Not 11 like ours did.  Glad I brought that extra pair of skivvies.
Meeting People like Carlo from WIP was full of WIN!

All in all, I know that Android Guys will be looking forward to being at APPNATION again next year, and to take a bigger role if possible.  Android Community, this is your notice that you really want to come to this event, we will be better for it!

  • timmyjoe42

    Your page about the Big execs not understanding fragmentation is hit with some kind of malware.

    • Wotan

      Roger that. It’s infected. Pop-up warns “your computer is infected”, wants to scan your system, etc. Not good…

  • Tsais

    I don’t think the fragmentation is such an issue for now. Its not hard to make your app work on every phone from 1.6 to 2.2… Of course some neat features specific to 2.2 won’t work on the previous versions. Thats really no different on any other OS if its being actively developed and improved.

    Android is very young and they’re writing stuff fast. I’m damn happy about that! Phones age just as fast as Android versions, though it would be nice if users had more control over updating the O.S. (if at the cost of loosing some fancy bloatware the manufacturer added)

    Of course there wasn’t any fragmentation problems with Windows Mobile for a decade, cause MS basically ignored even the most broadly held complaints and really, it was hard to figure out what exactly had changed from version to version, unless they fixed some particularly aggravating bug like the PC sync problems.

    Apple times its fragmentation neatly with new models being released, and aside from that, the platform is so locked down, its easier to leave developer API’s untouched.

    So, if someone or some company should be really bothered by older versions of Android not running this or that, just drop the old phones on eBay and get a new batch.

    If you really got to have Android version 3.0 to run your new-fangled customer service app, you probably got enough change laying around to buy some recent model phones…