Get Jar Launches Download by SMS

Our friends over at the world’s 2nd largest 3rd party app market, Get Jar, have launched some new functionality on their site that allows consumers to have yet another way to easily get the apps they want.  In a post from Bruce Jones on their developer blog, Get Jar announced today that you can now get apps using the SMS functionality on your Android handset.  A quote from their blog:

SMS Downloads Today, in the US Market, consumers have a much easier experience downloading apps found on GetJar.  Try it now to see how easy it is:

1) Visit from your Mac or PC
2) Pick an awesome free app you’d like to try on your phone
3) Enter your mobile phone number
4) Receive a *TEXT MESSAGE* with a link to download the app
5) Smile, Breath, Relax – Life just got better

I would like to refer you to another article we wrote on Get Jar, and say again that Google needs to stand up and take notice, these guys at Get Jar seem to understand how to get apps into the hands of consumers in a much more efficient way.  Perhaps that is why devs are flocking to them, because the sales experience with Get Jar is becoming easier and easier.