Media Hub Updates for Epic Works for Other Galaxy S Devices!

I woke up to a message from our friends over at telling me that the Samsung Media Hub update that the Epic got yesterday works on the other Galaxy S devices!  Needless to say, they had an .apk for download and installation!

We can confirm that this indeed does work on the T-Mobile Vibrant, and is pretty snazzy!  A big thank you to for giving us this tip, make sure to check out their article using the links above, and get updating your Media Hub!

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  1. Jeregano
    September 17, 16:30 Reply

    My captivate came with the media hub app installed. It still says coming soon. What is updated in this media hub??

    • Justin
      September 21, 11:56 Reply

      The media hub you currently have will not work until you carrier officially supports it. What this is, is the Sprint supported version of the app and it works well on my Vibrant

  2. Deus Invictus
    September 17, 17:40 Reply

    I just tried installing it on a MyTouch 3g with CM 6 and it worked, well it installed and opens, haven’t tried doing much with it yet.

    • Deus Invictus
      September 17, 17:41 Reply

      Spoke too soon gets an “unknown error” when it tries to connect

      • Brian Mazz
        September 18, 12:05 Reply

        I get the same exact result on the Fascinate. Which is odd since it’s a Galaxy S device.

        • julie
          January 24, 11:54 Reply

          Same thing happens to me….a bit frustrating

  3. Mike
    September 18, 00:29 Reply

    Works like a charm on Vibrant. Thanks.

  4. Thomas
    September 18, 06:37 Reply

    worked for me too (vibrant), set~up looks ok. I like the format, but as the media grows will it become a pain to go through. Also just wondering, if we buy a movie, can we port it to our tv or computer unlike avatar???

  5. ryan
    September 18, 15:30 Reply

    the hub works great on my vibrant but when i purchased a tv show and downloaded it and tried to play it it said “this device does not support the format” ill just wait for the update

    • damon
      September 20, 14:23 Reply

      @Thomas you have the same phone as I do and the exact same thing happened to me. I purchased a TV show and while it downloaded and charged my card just fine…it said the same thing about device not being supported..

  6. Matthew
    September 18, 22:06 Reply

    Works just fine on my rooted Captivate. Have yet to buy videos put previews are flawless.

  7. screwtheiphone4
    September 21, 10:13 Reply

    to bad text correction doesn’t work on that Captivate!! HaHa

  8. Dan
    September 21, 22:48 Reply

    Just downloaded the media hub from the link above for my T-mobile Vibrant. Looks great but when I purchase Apollo 13, the app took my money but after downloading the movie I got the message “Device does not support requested file type”. Sucks for me. I’m out the $3.22 for the rental unless I am somehow able to play it in the next 29 days. Any suggestions?

  9. zach
    September 27, 13:16 Reply

    when i try to open it on my samsung galaxys s it says not yet available what should i do?

  10. Melike
    November 21, 06:23 Reply

    media hub indiremiyorum yardımcı olurmusunuzz??

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