Think Tank Brookings Institution Launches Android App

The nonprofit public policy organization, Brookings, has announced today that they have launched an Android application that will allow uses to have access to their research, commentary and policy ideas.  Used mainly for law and policy makers, this move adds a layer of access for Brookings users.  A quote from their press release:

It’s part of our 94-year tradition of providing policymakers with information they can use.  Today, that means using the right technology to reach people wherever they are, on the platform they prefer, in the United States or around the globe.

The main features:

n     Quick access to our research, commentary and policy ideas.

n     A  schedule of upcoming Brookings events with newsmakers.

n     A directory of our scholars, so reporters like you looking for a credible expert can find the right person and contact information, all on your mobile device.

If this is something that you use, you can run out and get the app right now. Happy downloading!

  • tekrhino

    Come on guys, this is old news.
    Great App though.

  • Thanks for passing along the good news! We welcome thoughts and feedback on any of our apps.

  • Barry

    It’s interesting that you describe Brookings as a “non profit policy organization”.

    Brookings is a non-profit LEFT WING policy organization. They are run by liberals, for liberals and funded with money from other rich liberals to churn out liberal policy papers.

    Nothing wrong with that but you should be ashamed for failing to identify them correctly to your hapless readers.

    • Paul

      @Barry Really? I don’t really consider myself to be hapless and, as a progressive myself, I would definitely not characterize Brookings as a LEFT WING policy organization. Not when there is an article that supports extending the Bush tax cuts – which I think have only made the wealthy wealthier and the poor poorer. They don’t shy away from looking at hot-button issues with titles like, “Assessing Decision-making on the NYC Islamic Center: Continuing Our Tradition of Religious Liberty” and “Seven Myths That Cloud Immigration Debate”, but they do a good job of peeling back the rhetoric by gathering information and providing a more dispassionate venue for discussion. They so seem to go to great lengths to gather data to inform any discussion or debate so that said discussion and debate is not just about people slinging dogma at each other, which I find refreshing.

      Personally, I think that the truth is out there for us to discover. We all need to be willing to eat some humble pie along the way and acknowledge that even as we are passionate about our perspectives there is nothing to be gained by attempts to bludgeon each other with our beliefs. My experience – not my belief – is that shouting at each other does nothing to clarify the issues that surround any debate and in fact stops any kind of discussion.

      I’d be interested in what you would consider to be a non-profit policy organization that satisfied your standard of not leaning right, left or any other way.


  • 😉