HTC Desire HD Passes Through FCC, No U.S. 3G in Sight

The team over at Engadget recently found out that the HTC Desire HD has passed through the FCC. Recent filings were discovered.  Not surprisingly, there are no U.S. 3G Bands (this makes me sad!). I should mention to everyone that you can still run the phone on Edge for both T-Mobile and ATT.  I might even do so, although I really love 3G.

Anybody else want to import this beast?

Source: FCC

Image Source: PR Reviews

  • Can anyone tell me what the benefit of getting a device passed by the FCC that doesn’t support any USA 3G bands? I’m stumped :/

  • SC

    Wow, is this the same at the Mytouch HD or is this a phone that isn’t going to be sold in the US?


  • Drew

    Yeah.. I wish. It’s not going to be sold in the US.. unless you count ebay. Anyway, I’ve been dreaming that all the reports were wrong and that this in fact WAS going to be the MyTouch HD. It would have definitely upped the ante for TMo!

  • Joe

    front facing cam???

  • This does suck. I’m in Australia and I’ve been keenly looking at the Desire HD – but I travel to the US a fair bit and hate when I’m stuck on Edge or less there. I think it’s just been the deal breaker for me. I’ll have to wait for a more ‘worldly’ device. Something in line with the Evo specs, but wanted to wait until the end of the year to see what else was coming. I’m in the HTC G1/Dream – the upgrade from Android 1.6 will eventually be awesome 🙂

    • Joe

      Why are you stuck on Android 1.6? Have you never heard of Cyanogen?

      I know I’d be losing my mind If I had to venture back from Froyo on my HTC Dream. Anything less than 2 gigs installed application space is far to little.

      Running multitouch on a device that is never going to get multitouch because it’s not physically capable feels kinda like stealing the last cookie.

      Android 1.6 – Bah!

      That being said, where’s my Desire HD for North America Damn it?! I’m tired of playing wait and see for my next phone. Desire HD met the minimum of my criteria for my next mobile phone. I can’t by a Sony or I’ll be locked away in mobile hell never able to use my phone to it’s full potential. Great specs, if you “always do what we say” … 8[

    • Drew R

      Hey man, we are in the same boat. Any further word on this? I’m an Aussie who travels to the US for work and may be moving there within a year. I REALLY want the Desire HD but if I get it and then move over there, I’ll basically need a new phone. The current alternatives seem to be the Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4, neither of which is as good as the Desire HD for what I want! So, I feel like I just have to stick with my shitty old phone and wait to see what comes out next. Got any advice? Cheers.

  • tristan

    sent from my Evo. Feels good, man.

  • Tyrone

    There this Asian Mall probably an 1 hour away from me they have the HTC Desire HD in stock but I guess its the UK one. Not having 3G doesnt bother me as long as I get to use it im fine with that.

    But then again I hope the UK version has no app or update which forces me to get an UK sim card to get certain applicatons updates like my my device or my account stuff like that.


    I’m in dubai my htc desire hd is not working in 3G mode