Both Rogers and Bell Will Carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab


Boom! Just like that, the Galaxy Tab is launching on both Rogers and Bell.  This is great news for Canadian readers.  It’s nice to see that Samsung is giving Canadians a great opportunity to by the Tab.  I pretty much thought this would happen though as they are giving this tablet some major priority.

Obviously, still no word about pricing or release dates from either carrier as of yet, but hopefully we will be having something soon.  As soon as we have it, we will let you know!

Anyone up in Canada excited about this?

Source: Bell and Rogers


  1. AWESOME. So glad to have such an important Android product coming to the two biggest carriers in the country. I’ll probably snag a WiFi-only edition though – but good news regardless 🙂

    • BAD news! I just come from Bell store today, they told me NO PHONE INSIDE! Will be just as ipad! I will have to run to USA to buy from T-Mobile or Sprint one without contract. I will make it unlock here to take no plan but month to month with Bell, if another have better price, i will change month plan to another. Very SORRY told me BELL, no phone! WHY? They told me…We’re in Canada!