Rumor: Adobe Air Hitting Android Market 10/8


Android Central is reporting that Adobe Air for Android will go live on the Android Market on Oct. 8, 2010.   Apparently a tipster posted an e-mail (hit the source link to see it) in the Android Central Forums to let everyone know. Some of you living under a rock might be wondering what Adobe Air is.   Well, basically,  Air is a framework that allows Adobe Flash style applications to run as APK files on your Android phone.  Air is something I’m looking forward to, and have been looking forward to for a while.

If this is indeed true, I am very excited! Anybody out there psyched?

Source: Android Central Forums

  • Jeremy

    I too am very excited. From the demos I’ve seen, you write one application and package it up for the different operating systems. Awesome!!!

  • I have heard about Air for the longest time, and I use it in the form of Tweetdeck on my desktop, but how will this affect me, as an end user, on my phone?