New Galaxy Tab Promo Surfaces


Wow, Samsung is really going for the win with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  This time around, the promo they have is making a case for portability and pocket-ability.  The promo makes me want to buy it, it’s that good.    I can really see myself carrying this device around as much as my phone. So excited.

Anyone see themselves sticking the Tab in their pocket? Using video chat daily? Let us know people!

Source: YouTube

  • Pocket… no, but I’ll figure something out :).

    I can’t wait to get one for myself, my mom & my wife’s mom, and my sister. At that point, I can see using video chat daily.

  • The_Omega_Man

    But can you make or receive a phone call through it in the U.S.?

  • Michal

    seems small. Would be nice if it were bigger than an ipad.

  • Brad Pitcher

    I will use video chat every time I call my wife at home. As for phone calls, it should be too hard to get a good VOIP setup going, I’m just glad I’m in a strong 3G area. I’ll definitely put it in my back pocket at times, that was bad ass.