LG CEO Ousted Over Companies Poor Performance in Mobile Sector

South Korea’s LG released it’s CEO, Nam Yong, and replaced him with Koo Bon-joon on Friday. According to LG, Nam Yong had used poor management skills in directing the mobile department, so they released him. It’s actually somewhat surprising, considering that just over a month ago, LG boasted that they would have 15 Android phones by the end of this year. Overall, with their new Optimus line, it looked like things were looking up for them, but it seems their previous management needed improvement in order to reach that 15 devices goal, which is why I suspect they let Yong go.

It’s not very often that we see this kind of thing. Many manufacturers are blossoming thanks to Android, like HTC or Motorola. Heck, even Sony Ericsson is surviving, but it looks like LG is having a bit of a struggle. They seem to have lost their way, so to speak. Hopefully Koo Bon-joon can steer them in the right direction using Android.

I look forward to seeing more Android phones from LG in the coming months. Can’t wait to see what they got up their sleeve.

Source Reuters

  • Mo

    Company’s, not companies

  • Drew

    I’m interested too! We need more manufactures out there making phones for android. I hate to fill like my choices are limited to a big three who have already shown that they will give updates if they feel like it or not. Competition is what we need.. come on with it LG!

  • tottyrice

    UGH i just wish they stop making their cell phones looking like the F* iphones or so plain.

  • Now LG moves to downwards,if quality is missing in his products.It just lapse from market earliest.

  • Android has the same issue- multiple product offerings through different OEM’s and it seems to work well there.

  • LG aims to achieve leadership in speed and accuracy? They seem to be very sure that they will be the best product. Time will tell … I hope that the time soon.

  • It puzzled me why LG never had any relationship with T-Mobile. As far as feature phones go, I prefer LG over Samsung. Better reception & quality.

  • I am quite interesting in this topic, well that’s really nice I look forward to seeing more Android phones from LG in the coming months. Can’t wait to see what they got up their sleeve.Thanks for the information on blog. This information made my study easier.

  • Thanks again everyone for making this my favorite site on the web. Its a very unique and amazing place competition is what we need. Thanks again to LG released it’s CEO! You’re the man!