POLL: Will Facebook Release a Phone?

There’s been some recent chatter that Facebook may or may not be working on a phone of their own.  Rumored to be built using Android, the social networking service is looking to get deeper integration with phones.  Our question to you is this, “Will Facebook release their own phone?

  • drdrewdown

    honestly, who gives a shit! please add that answer to the list of choices

    • Well Said

      Dude, I was going to ask the same thing. Who really cares if they make one? It’s just going to be another over priced piece of junk like all the rest.

      Now IF they were going to make a smart phone without a contract and charge a reasonable monthly fee, and it worked most of the time, then that would be something to talk about.

      facebook phone -> meh!

  • Raymond Terrific

    Considering the source of this ‘news’ is from TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, there is a 50/50 chance it’s complete bullsh*t.

  • This Is My Name

    No offense AG, but why is this even a poll?

  • rmorton

    Could anyone really give a rats ass

  • tristan

    They’ve already confirmed with engadget that they are not making a phone.

  • F*** Facebook!

    • Thomas

      100% agreement. The guy might have been smart enough to come up with facebook, but he is a total idiot otherwise!

      • This Is My Name

        I heard he basically ripped the idea for Facebook off of two of his friends.

  • Rei

    hmm they cant even make a reasonable android app for FB how can they get a phone right

  • Need A Phone

    if so, it will probably be like that Garmin thingy

  • I can’t see the benefit to Facebook at all. I don’t see anyone wanting a phone that’s main purpose is Facebook. Besides the best FB experience is still online. The mobile version still has a long way to go.