Here Comes Android 2.2 for the Droid X

Verizon appears poised to roll out Froyo to yet another Android handset. The Droid X will soon be joining the Droid, Droid 2, and Droid Incredible as an Android 2.2 powered behemoth.  Verizon has updated their support site with a PDF touting the goodies that come with the Froyo release.  Aside from the normal stuff (auto app updating, Flash support, etc.) you Droid X owners should look forward to improved 3G mobile hotspot, updated visual voicemail, and preloading of VZ Navigator. Rumors peg the update with a release this week… like tomorrow.

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  1. Keefers
    September 21, 13:23 Reply

    Quit jerking my chain! We have heard this crap before.

  2. Kushtastic
    September 21, 14:26 Reply

    Word. It better be a significant difference or ill be disappointed.

  3. Kushtastic
    September 21, 14:28 Reply

    I would copy that link to my browser but my droid x won’t let me do that :-[.

  4. colin
    September 21, 14:30 Reply

    will I get the update even if I downloaded the leaked 2.2

  5. Dannyboy
    September 21, 18:03 Reply

    Talk aboit waiting till the last second….

  6. iy
    September 21, 20:06 Reply

    Lucky fucks. I want froyo on my Sammy bitches

  7. JaylanPHNX
    September 21, 21:20 Reply

    Everyone thank Motorola for their Froyo updates. And remember, they left us Cliq/Cliq XT/Backflip users out in the MF’ing cold to do it. Be appreciative since you’re the customers they give a @#$& about.

  8. Maddnezz
    September 22, 00:56 Reply

    PULLING MINE RIGHT NOW I’M SO EXCITED…I feel like a little school girl.

  9. David
    September 22, 07:44 Reply

    Woke up, checked, downloaded, installed, and now running Android 2.2. So far, I have not really noticed the speed increase but my alarms (to wake up the kids) sound a bit louder. I also downloaded the new GMail (interesting) and Google Maps apps. Is the home screen’s option menu “battery management” new or did I miss that? It prompted me upon reboot that it was in “nighttime” battery saver mode. Also, there is a new radio (cellular, I read the boot steps like I used to with my T-mo G1), boot screen logo, and I still don’t know what the “device administrator” under “Location and security settings” means… Oh, is the sound settings-> volume different? I don’t remember the sliders being there but I am used to using widgets instead. The gallery is also faster to scroll and I never noticed the “hdmi” button in the top right when viewing pictures so I can’t say if that is new or not. Time to play…. Vroooommmmmm!

  10. droid x man
    September 22, 13:15 Reply

    I just went into my settings, about phone, and system updates. It offered me an option to update my system.

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