Former Nokia CEO Said WHAT About Android?


Go ahead and cross Anssi Vanjoki off your list of people who might be open to Android.  The former Nokia CEO was recently speaking to the Financial Times when the subject of possible Android adoption was brought up.  Vanjoki said that handset makers who use the platform are much like boys who“pee in their pants” for warmth.  His meaning was that while it works at first, it only gets worse later.  You can read more of the article for yourself (premium membership required), but we thought we’d share this little gem with you.

So, how many of you are glad that companies like HTC and Motorola have been peeing in their pants for you?

Source: Engadget


  1. This from the guy who was running a company that clung desperately to the old Symbian platform while completely failing to do anything productive with Maemo (and now is moving at an apparently glacial pace on its replacement Meego)?

    Sounds like a good choice for heading up Motorola’s stifling “MOTOBLUR™” development perhaps, but otherwise doesn’t really fit well into the modern smartphone market…

  2. Recently I needed to buy new phone. Tough choice – smartphone or just basic old-school phone. Well.. I made a decision – waiting for Milestone 2 with ANDROID, meanwhile bought the cheapest possible nokia (less than 30 pounds) which I will keep as a emergency phone in my car.

    BTW, Mr. Anssi Vanjoki… Not seeing the major software revolution in mobile phone industry for the last decade is just like shitting your pants and telling everyone that it is your new and improved deodorant. Cheers!

  3. This is the guy with such faith in his own company’s products he jumped ship the day before their Nokia World conference? The one still flogging legacy Symbian crap whist telling everyone how great their MeeToo carrierrless/userless/appless new system is, as the tumbleweed whistles by?

    Of course he may have been misquoted. He probably saw Nokias market share side by side with Androids over the last 12 months and immediately pissed in his own pants.

  4. OK, the guy is a moron, that’s why he never made to CEO. Oh wait… who is the moron that is spreading that he was the CEO? His title is “Executive Vice President of the Mobile Solutions Unit”, or for shorts Vee-Pee.