Get Priority Inbox on Your Android Device with Latest App Update

Google today has updated their mobile Gmail app to allow users to have greater functionality on their Android handsets, including the new Priority Inbox recently launched on the web version of Gmail.

Now before you get all excited, this update is for Froyo users only.  So all of you Galaxy S users like myself are out of luck.Here is the rundown on what the update does for you 2.2 users:

  • Important message actions will stick to the top of your screen
  • On long messages threads, you can now show quoted text just like desktop version of Gmail
  • Priority Inbox support, giving you the “important” label if you have enabled the feature in your account.
  • Ability to add the “important” label to your home screen for easy access

The update is available in the Market right now, you can also use the QR code below to go right to the download.

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  1. Chris
    September 21, 20:08 Reply

    Won’t seem to install for me. Just get installation failed error…

    Nexus One – CyanogenMod 6.0.0-N1
    Using the Korean updated radio image.

    I know this isn’t the place to get help installing apps, but I just want to get it here to see if there’s others with the same issue.

  2. Josh
    September 21, 20:37 Reply

    Android fragmentation sucks.

  3. Usman
    September 21, 20:59 Reply

    I don’t see how to enable Priority Inbox on the app… I’m using it on my laptop, of course. Don’t see any options, unless they’re simply referring to the ability to include “Important” as a label.

  4. Michal
    September 22, 08:19 Reply

    I’m on an Evo. Downloaded the update from the market. I don’t see an option for the priority inbox. The update does seem like it has some cool features.

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