Samsung Releases Pair of Captivate Commercials with Awkward Real-Life Situations [VIDEO]

SamsungMobile USA has just thrown a pair of new videos online to help promote AT&T’s Galaxy S series Captivate.  Each is  just over a minute long and show real world situations we’ve all been involved in.  One is a crappy board room meeting, the other is a crappy start to a road trip.  I imagine we’ll see these trimmed to 30-second spots and aired on television, assuming they already aren’t.  Passenger Seat Driver

Board Room Touchdown!

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  • Brian

    What is that football game he is playing? I’ve never seen it in the market!

    • mrben

      That was exactly my question!

  • jmknmecrzy

    If only the battery on the captivate would last the entire road trip

  • Wade

    Anyone else notice that every time they “Samsung Captivate” it sounds like it was dubbed over the original audio track?