Sony Ericsson Brings the Funny in Series of Xperia X10 Clips [VIDEO]


In an effort to show just how easy the Xperia X10 is to use, Sony Ericsson has put together six short videos for your viewing pleasure.  Feeling like something ripped from outtakes from The Office, each clip tackles a different feature within the handset as it is paired up with an unusual target demographic.  It’s not everyday that a sales rep will encounter Toddlers or Guidos, but it’s nice to know there’s a phone designed with them in mind.

Thanks to Lauren for the email and to Androinica for beating us to the punch!Glam Rockers






  • mjsd555

    Does this phone even have 2.2 yet? They shouldn’t brag too much about there phone then.

  • mislav

    does it even have 2.1?
    and btw. this is just horrible advertising.

  • Aaron

    does it even have 2.0 yet?

    HAHA no because its still on 1.6…. FAIL

  • Steve

    Wow how easy is it to use!!!!111!!


  • mike

    I own a x10 myself but this ad is really embarassing since we don’t even have 2.1 yet

  • rav

    These ads are pretty funny, but pretty much only those types of people (dumb models, surfer dudes, guidos, small children, and really old people, and generally clueless people) would buy an android phone running 1.6.

    Oh wait, that’s 99% of all people.

  • sat

    >rav, that’s what I was trying to understand .. whether their target client base has to be that dumb to use it, or choose to buy this phone in the first place without doing some homework…. or that’s how they perceive American smart phone users in general … :)))))))

  • Ikeman

    LMAO C’mon guys lighten up the elderly one was hilarious!!!!

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  • Patfactorx

    I think ima die of the cuteness of the toddler one