First Look at Droid 2 World Edition/Droid Pro!

The fellas over at Droid Life have scored a handful of exclusive pictures today for Verizon’s upcoming Droid 2 World Edition.  Rumored to be completely replacing the brand spankin’ new Droid 2 that launched just a few weeks back, this guy also has a 3.7-inch touch display and sliding QWERTY.   Whether or not it actually does remains to be seen, but that’s not what is important.  These pictures are.

Look at how sleek and sexy that Droid is!  This thing sure has come a long way since it debuted last winter with its hard black angular design.

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  1. Greg L
    September 22, 13:33 Reply

    I hate to say it but whew that color scheme is pretty ugly. White with chrome, black keys and a black front? yikes….

  2. Matt Foster
    September 22, 14:14 Reply

    Seems like EVERY manufacturer wants to jump on the “White Casing Wagon” … I want to see more variety like some Steel and Gun Metal

  3. The_Omega_Man
    September 23, 02:34 Reply

    This is just another Droid 2 variant, R2D2 Droid 2 and Standard Droid 2. It would be nice if Motorola had various color schemes for the Droid phones.

  4. Perrin
    September 24, 03:23 Reply

    Is it just me or does the thickness of this phone look abnormally large is this era of sleekness?

    Not a fan of the colour scheme either, let’s see what the features are

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