HTC EVO 4G Gets Minor Update to Address Calendar Issues, Gmail

HTC EVO 4G owners are advised to check for a minor update on their handset today.  Designed to address calendar event edit issues and allow for multiple Gmail account sync, it can be manually grabbed directly from Sprint.  If you own an EVO 4G, you can get the update by going to your phone settings, tap System Updates and then HTC Software Update.  After that, sit back and relax!

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  1. Kenji O.
    September 22, 12:42 Reply

    Nice! This has actually been one of my biggest concerns recently so this is great to see.

  2. Mitch in NYC
    September 22, 12:51 Reply

    Version on my EVO still shows 3.26.651.6 and going to Software Updates => HTC Software Update says that the software is up to date.

    When will this actually be available? Does Sprint release these updates to all EVO users at once or in groups at a time? Has anyone seen the update yet?

    • DBofTLP
      September 22, 12:55 Reply

      I’m getting the same thing. Wondering if b/c I’ve rooted my phone, although I still have stock ROM, just rooted, I won’t be receiving the update… Which would be meh…

    • whacko
      September 28, 17:10 Reply

      I had the same problem. I go the OTA update message but had to cancel it because I was in the middle of doing something. Repeatedly hitting the HTC Software Update check button got me no where.

      What I did to remedy this was I unchecked the “Scheduled Check” box at the top of the HTC Software Update screen and then hit the “Check” button again. Found the update right away. Once it started downloading I rechecked the “Scheduled Check” box again.

  3. vicky
    September 22, 13:58 Reply

    Same here, no update available. Will it be pushed like the others, or is it only available through manually checking?

  4. Matt Foster
    September 22, 14:11 Reply

    Same issue here … “Your phone is up to date”

  5. queeko
    September 22, 14:12 Reply

    I’ve been checking all morning and nothing. I don’t think they have officially rolled it out.

  6. Doug Fiedor
    September 22, 19:54 Reply

    Not here yet, either — and I’m running a completely stock EVO. But, it appears that there’s nothing on this update that really matters to me so I can wait.

  7. barberry baby
    September 23, 06:37 Reply

    Well for EVO I like that screen is much bigger than the iPhone. The 4.3 inch screen EVO is almost an inch larger than the 3.5 inch iPhone. Bigger is not always better, even as the iPhone screen and its beautiful retina provides nearly double the number of pixels that the EVO offers substantial benefits to the iPhone 4.

  8. shutterhead
    September 23, 09:02 Reply

    Got my update this morning as well (9/23) with a manual check In Menu > Settings > System updates > HTC software update

    I confirm the update includes removal of the 30fps cap! I’m at 59fps now.

  9. kevin
    September 23, 09:35 Reply

    checked this morning 9/23 update available.

  10. Deezus
    September 23, 20:36 Reply

    This is a MAJOR update as it fixes the 30fps cap on the phone!!

  11. David Hassoun
    September 23, 23:32 Reply

    This one had mixed results for me. On the positive note, my phone now charges using my car charger. After the update to 2.2 my phone would stop charging in landscape when charging using my car charger.
    Unfortunately my GPS says I am in Los Angeles, which is about 3,000 miles from Albany NY, where I actually am.

  12. brian
    September 25, 19:34 Reply

    I downloaded the update, still can’t edit a calendar event, sometimes I save the appointment with the wrong date or time and I cannot edit it, I have to delete and start over.

    How can you not d=edit a meeting, as they get rescheduled all the time!

  13. it-man
    September 26, 11:04 Reply

    I applied the update on 9/25 but I still can’t edit calendar events. I even removed the battery and rebooted to see if that would help. No joy. I love the EVO, but not being able to edit calendar events is huge pain the butt.

    • it-man
      September 26, 12:05 Reply

      I just called Sprint support. It turns out that the problem is fixed in the new release but at first it is not obvious. If a calendar event is for a google synced event, then the only place the edit option appears is if you on the screen where the events for the day are listed and then click and hold the event to get a popup that shows an edit option. The edit option does not appear for google synced events if you are in the event detail screen. On the other hand, if you are in a PC synced event detail display, the edit option appears when you click the menu button. I hopethis will help some of you.

      • Ryan
        December 03, 12:11 Reply

        Ahh, that helps. So, basically I can edit events from the Agenda screen. Thanks!

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