Verizon: “There is a Need for Another Android Store”

The nation’s largest wireless provider is gearing up to release an app store to take on the Android Market.  What started out last week as speculation has  been confirmed this week by Verizon‘s VP consumer solutions.  Greg Haller is in Las Vegas this week for the carrier’s Development Community where has has been quoted as saying, “Some have asked – Verizon, what are you thinking? Is there really a need for another store? We think so.”  

This will be very interesting to see develop.  Say what you will about the Android Market but at least it’s universally accessible from your device, regardless of carrier.  Does Verizon have enough compelling stuff up their sleeves to make users consider a switch?  We’ll find out before too long.  The company is now accepting apps for their V Cast store.  Designed to run on phones running Android 2.2 and beyond, it is expected to be ready by the end of this year.

  • opiate46

    What a bunch of greedy douches. Verzion can’t stand to have a market out there that they can’t control. On a good note, I’m sure it will be hacked all to shit, and everyone with a rooted phone will be able to use their apps – sort of like the NFL one they have now.

    • plainbrad


  • Spencer

    What is the point of this?….Verizon, I love you but you shouldn’t bother with this nonsense

  • Spencer

    How about you add a poll to see who agrees with this decision and who disagrees

  • MagicMike

    I hope this is a complete and utter failure. F**k Verizon.

    • Drew

      Ditto! I’m sick of them pretty much trying to claim everything that is Android for themselves!

  • sophi

    i picked up an archos7 android tablet on a whim…. it had some AppLib nonsense instead of the android market… which is really what made the device completely useless.

  • jason

    another app store is fine. especially if anyone can install the store app, unlike google’s android market. any service tied to a specific carrier is no good.

    google really needs to hurry up and release the next version of the android market with the features they showed off at google i/o. maybe for christmas.

    • Ryan

      A Verizon appstore will likely involve app placement fees, and other stipulations and restrictions. That’s what they know. The most significant risk to Android fragmentation is Verizon. All of the Apple haters have simply fed a telecom beast.

  • Brandon

    Even though I’m rooted and probably won’t ever see this, this will be bullcrap if it’s more Verizon bloatware.

  • Jake

    Verizon, spend more of your resources getting updates out to your devices faster instead of crap like this that is doomed to fail. I hope that whoever thought of this and championed it are fired.

  • Cotillion

    I think its doomed for failure. The Android market is really appealing because its widely available and tons of content is free. I can’t see a Verizon exclusive market as anything less than an attempt at greed and control. They can’t say they own Android, so they try to make a market to compete with it but I can’t see many people using it over the Android market. Anything theirs does better than current Android market will likely be 1upped later anyway.

    • Ryan

      The average Droid user won’t know the difference. They’ll take Verizon’s appstore, since it will be the only appstore pre-loaded, and be happy they got it.

  • Tansen

    This is pretty stupid. It is BECAUSE of this fragmentation that the android market may never be as good as the app store. Verizon is just making the present problem even worse, all in an attempt to do… What?

  • Froggmann

    Knowing Verizon I’ll bet you $100 within a year of the release of this new market the android app market will be conviently left off or hidden in future VZ handsets.

  • Drew

    Ha! Hadn’t thought of that one Froggmann… I think you’re right.

  • Randy

    This is why I will only buy vanilla android devices

  • Bren

    They already have their own tab, “Verizon,” which brings you to a heading “VCAST Apps” in the Market. Why create a completely separate location when they can clearly add all of the VCAST apps that they want already. It’s absurd for them to make their own app store. Maybe they don’t like Google’s rules or the fact that they can’t make Google do what they want. If I can help it I will never download anything from the Verizon app store when it comes out. I could see them release Verizon only apps, but that would be pretty dumb if they want to make more money.

    • Ryan

      What makes you think this will be a separate appstore? It will be the ONLY appstore.

  • Havoc70

    I say go for it VZ, but i wouldn’t expect it to go far.
    More options for the customer is always a good thing.