“End of October and Onwards” Sony Ericsson Delays 2.1 Update for Xperia Line

Sony Ericsson has officially pushed back the much-anticipated Android 2.1 update for their Xperia line of phones.  Originally slated for Q3, the company now says the “revised plan is to start the roll-out from end of October and onwards”.  Citing a need to ensure the right quality and user experience, SE’s announcement is likely going to ruffle a few feathers.

A delay of a few weeks is commonplace in smart phones and wouldn’t normally be that big of an issue. The problem here is that we’re not talking an Android 2.1 to 2.2 jump, but a 1.6 to 2.1 instead.  Depending on when various carriers see the update for the Xperia handsets, they may still be a year behind the rest of the class.  We’re already nine months removed from the debut of the Nexus One and Android 2.1!

  • SSA

    I love SE phones but what I love even more is having the latest and the greatest. Having the Nexus One gets me the latest version of Android no questions asked. Even though hardware wise its not the best, it is still my number 1 choice. This is the longest I’ve had a phone for 3 years now and I don’t have any plans at the moment to get anything else.

    I will get any phone that puts out the latest software and sorry SE, your months behind at this game. In the mobile world that means your ancient.

  • Recently i got hold of a sony xperia mini.. technically wonderful phone to use! Waiting for a major technical update in the OS so that we can expect more models based on this os.

  • Joe blow

    SE is on my “boycott for life” list for be so f%$king lame. I hate these guys. I’ll never buy their phones. CEO should be tortured and put in prison for being a total dork.

  • Chris

    Great, I purchased this phone on the statements it would receive the update in Q3. Why Sony released the phone with 1.6 considering the hardware is foolish enough now this? I should have gone with an iphone as they at least get regular updates!

  • Need A Phone

    and these guys are suppose to be serious Android Players…what a joke

  • Michael

    SE is going to be hemorrhaging customers because of this, it’s actually already started; I can tell you right now this is going to be my first & last phone with them. At this rate I don’t see us getting Froyo until December of 2011, and 3.0 sometime in 2012. I’m on a 3yr contract so I am stuck with this phone.

    • Need A Phone

      Three year contract…WoW I feel for you:)

  • Gee

    Why would anyone sign up for a 3-year contract on a piece of hardware like a phone???
    The hardware will be way outdated long before your contract is up!!

    Dumb fu**s!

  • d4audio

    3 yr contract………in the immortal words of Mr T ” I pity the fool”………..but seriously I complained at t mobile for wanting to sign me for an 18 month contract while trying to lure me with a shiny new phone. I have a desire and it took 2 months for them to get that right (froyo) and I was complaining at the length of time it took HTC to do that, SE have seriously lost a lot of Qudos